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Motto: Si post fata venit gloria non propero
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: 16th of April, 2015
Guild Page: Caliburn 


It was on a breezy summer day that Caliburn was created. The heroine Arrys found herself traversing a vast plain, slaying monsters left and right when a tear opened up in the sky. Being the hero that she was, Arrys paid no attention to the dimensional rift. Only when what looked to be tomes fell out of the sky, and struck her in the head, did Arrys become interested. Despite the lack of reading skills that a hero possesses, she managed to sound it out and was quite fascinated with the tales within the books. Within were stories of another World's "King Arthur" and his "Knights of the Round Table". Since she had nothing else better to do, she, with the guidance of her God, decided to create "Caliburn" in memoriam to Arthur's sword. Now, members of Caliburn gallivant throughout the world, besting evil, fighting monsters, and becoming legend.