Cacciatori del crepuscolo

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Cacciatori del crepuscolo
Motto: We roam so others shall not. We protect those who cannot.
Alignment: humane
Totem Monster: Not Yet Decided
Leader: GodNot Yet Decided 
Membership Count: ~90
Guild Page: Cacciatori del crepuscolo 
Data current as of July 31, 2015

Our Gloriously Uneventful And Completely Kinda Made Up History

In the Sixth year (Well, Seventh if you count the Year of 602, but we don't talk about that) of the reign of our Glorious King, a lonely monk by the name of Henry (No, he doesn't have a last name, that's just how it works) left from his hometown on a quest, a quest which was in search of something. Something greater than all the wealth of the world, more dangerous than any weapon, and whoever wielded it became the most powerful man in the world. What is it? Frankly, I don't remember. (Give me a break, it's been awhile since I've told this) But we will call it Umbrec's Cup for the sake of the story. (One of the good things about being an author, you can make this stuff up and no one cares) Anyway, where was I? Ah yes! Peter drew up his sword and with all his might he brought down a crushing blow onto... Wait. This isn't where I was. We wouldn't want any spoilers would we? Oh ok, I think I've found where I was. Henry left his town seeking an item which yada yada yada most powerful blah blah blah. Here we go, Umbrec's Cup. While traveling along the road leading from the town he heard a noise in the bushes and being the brave soul that he was, he did what any rational book character would do, he accredited the noise to the wind, and went on his merry way. After hiking down this path for a few miles he met up with three weary travellers: a cobbler,a butcher, and a Presbyterian. (I'm pretty sure there is a joke there somewhere, I just don't know where). Joining Henry they began on a long and drawn out quest with many, many water breaks. As they continued on, they faced off against countless dangers. [TBC...]

                                               The Stuffing Lord, Head Scribe