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Hello, my little friends! Welcome to CYDE (Choose Your Death Experience)!*

*Please note, not all experiences will require death... maybe.

Over the coming months we will be presenting you with many adventures. The rules are really quite simple. Whoever chooses to play will be assigned to a host. The host will lead your adventure. (All the adventures will be happening at the same time, in the same place, with different situations). The host will tell you what is happening and you will have to make a choice. Example:

Clyde removes the picture from the wall and finds a hidden door. Do you open the door or go after your comrade?

Each adventure will go on for about one week. Please PM GodNight Whisper  if you are interested in playing a special part in an adventure you aren’t a contestant in.

Good luck and may the best of the worst be with you!


8/23/12-8/30/12: Creaks, Rattles, and Ghosts

Congratulations to the winners:
GodErona  GodDrOg  GodTaquitos 
GodKrizKings  GodAoi Tsuki no Hime 

Thank you to:

Our other participants: GodBillp , GodChris the One , GodShadow Angel , GodLuci4 , GodAmerican Idiot , GodWeirdofromhalo , GodAnonymouse , GodSanarah , GodKing of Popstar , and GodSmiley77060 .

Our hosts: GodNight Whisper , GodRDS , GodMortalin , GodAce Frehley , and Godb0x  (also known as Clyde, Ferdinand, Ralph, Archie, and Eugene).

Our extras: GodNaturalblondechick , GodBelteshazzar , and GodSyrocko  (this wouldn't have been nearly as fun or as creepy without you!).

Stay tuned for our information about our next adventure!