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Championed by the Hero: Agmund Vidarr
Personality: Confuddled
Gender: Male
Motto: Cut that out Agmund, seriously.
Guild: Voracious Vikings
Guild Position: Founder

CG13 does not remember anything before he was a god. How could he, he didn't exist. Or did he? He doesn't remember. All he can recall is being birthed from the mind of yet another deity. He can see visions of his past self, permanently happy and always cracking a joke. But now he has taken the form of a minor god of Godville, complete with his own little disobedient hero to throw lighting at. He recognizes his minion, er, hero from his past life as well, but only flashes and dreams of a memory. CG13 spends his spare time gambling, ogling just about everything, and occasionally tossing divine retribution and instruction down to Agmund. The latter is the only one that doesn't end with CG13 lying in a ditch after a scrap with an angry god.