Bulletproof Pest

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Bulletproof Pest
Strong Monster
Class Demon
Habitat Anywhere it wants to live
Description It's bulletproof, and it's a pest.

The Bulletproof Pest is a monster that originated in a science experiment gone wrong. It is super irritating to get rid of, as due to enduring numerous lab experiments, these animals have somehow mutated into one ginormous creature with one body and numerous heads. The monster has also managed to become incredibly tough — up to the point where it can hold off fire from small firearms.

Of course, this leaves out the options of smashing it to death, impaling it, or stabbing it in the face, all of which are effective tactics due to the bigger size of the pest.



  • Bullets bounce off of it
  • Has numerous heads — better to headbutt, bite, peck, chew, and/or eat you with


  • Slow, due to its sheer size and weight
  • Being smashed, impaled, stabbed or talked about behind its back