Bucket of invisible paint

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Artifacts of Godville
Bucket of invisible paint
Type 🧷Normal
Description "Warning : Invisible yet fresh paint"


Invisible paint was discovered by an overworked painter three hundred years ago in the town of Tradeburg. According to legend, the unknown painter was "just too darn tired" to align the last molecule of the object he was working on and instead threw the item in a can of orange soda mixed with a kinetic energy bar and stirred with the tooth of a Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger. When he returned the next day, he had realized he discovered the formula for invisible paint.

Invisible paint was originally packaged in sealed bottles, but the closed nature of the cap upset the heroes and made Dandy Lions less dandy so the packaging was changed to buckets.

Characteristics of Invisible Paint

Invisible paint is known for its low production costs, ease of application, rapid drying time, and effortless clean-up. For many artists, it is the perfect color to depict ghosts, glass, water, air, and wind. It is also the only known substance for which a painter may depict the cloak of invisibility. A recent bill in the Godville legislature was introduced making it an offense punishable by tickling to depict the cloak of invisible with something other than invisible paint, but that bill died due to nobody being able to figure out how to depict the cloak of invisible by a means other than with invisible paint.

Invisible Paint Shortage Crisis

Following the most recent fall fashion line, the boutiques selling buckets of invisible paint experienced massive shortages of the product with waiting lists hitting an unfathomable four people. Flash mobs broke out with heroes threatening to hop on one leg until production at the Invisible Paint Factory ramped up to meet the demand. Fortunately, the mayors of San Satanos, Trollbridge, and Deville stepped in to avert the crises, but production did not increase immediately because the factory workers couldn't figure out which way to plug in the machines.

A few weeks later, a new movement of vogue artists secretly gathered and agreed to dislike the color claiming that the patterns were "too dominant" for the season's color pallet. This, in part, helped to curb demand and allowed the protesting heroes to stop hopping. Overall though, the rise in the invisible paint movement appears to be unstoppable.

Invisible Paint Company Product Line

Currently the Invisible Paint Company makes the following varieties of invisible paint (followed by their IPC color patch code).

  • Classic Invisible (0300-0010) (formerly "Original You Can't See")
  • Invisible Metallic (0200-0016)
  • Invisible Ink (0000-0210) (formerly "Goes On Blue, But Then Something Happens")
  • Air (0040-0310)
  • Glass (0060-00340)
  • Glass in Water (0020-0341)
  • Trans Parent (0050-0240)

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