Bucket of antimatter

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Artifacts of Godville
Bucket of antimatter
Antimatter bucket.jpg
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Description Unknown

Antimatter is the arch enemy of matter. They hate each other so much that just by touching each other, a rather, explosive feud will ensue, obliterating everything in their immediate surrounding.

Hence, storing antimatter has been a perplexing problem since just to be in contact with air (made of matter) let alone a matter container to hold it, is bound to get slightly a bit iffy, if not catastrophic.

The problem was solved by a clever chap by inventing anti-antimatter. Anti-antimatter is a double negative making it the same as matter. Yet at the same time, it confuses the antimatter into thinking that its a double enemy of matter. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Problem solved, situation stabilised, anti-anti-matter bucket and cover et voila. Antimatter bucket. Cinch! Well done that man!