Brutal Psychophant

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The Brutal Psychophant is a giant elephant monster with only one goal: flattery.

Famous for its fiercely brown nose and tattered tweed suit, the Brutal Psychophant's violent brand of bootlicking is feared by all herokind.

The Brutal Psychophant has one mission: the pursuit of Boss-monsters. Countless heroes have been killed in its quest for approval. On one gruesome occasion, the Brutal Psychophant slaughtered countless heroes to win the favor of an Obscentinel. After the fifth shower of obscenities, the Psychophant went back to pursuing lesser boss-monsters.

When the Brutal Psychophant is courting a boss-monster, it searches for heroes to pulverize, so it can provide its latest beloved with a necklace of hero-flesh and shattered bones. Some boss-monsters tolerate these efforts longer than others, but the Brutal Psychophant's groveling is always ultimately rejected. After the Brutal Psychophant is finally expelled from a boss-monster's corner office, the Psychophant will begin its fiercest rampages, continuously pulverizing hero-corpses to thwart divine attempts at Resurrection. After approximately one hour, the Brutal Psychophant will spot another boss-monster, clean its suit with the tears of any remaining heroes, and begin the cycle of courtship anew.

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