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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Browncoats” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove the {{delete guild}} template.
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The Browncoats

  • The history below is the most accurately proven version.


When the Universe was first created, it is said that from the very first forest in the very first valley came the Browncoats. The Admin, having no memory of creating these simple looking folk, inquired who made them. The Shaman of the Browncoats, with his tall lanky build and long brown leather coat, simply gave a shrug and pointed to the forest behind them. The Admin shrugged as well and allowed them to live in the forest for the rest of time.

Sometime later there came a great inferno in the forest of the Browncoats. They fled from their home as Firefoxes chased between the trees and bushes with feverish delight. The Shaman called to The Admin for help, for which The Admin bewitched the Firefox to become tameable creatures to Hereos. Unfortunately, before he could enslave them to the Browncoats, the inferno consumed the valley in ash and smoke.

When the inferno died away, there was nothing left of the forest, but a single Firefox who ran out of the valley, seemingly drawn to some location. It was at this location that other FireFox seemed to roam, aimlessly distressed about something they could not see in the forest in which they stalked the perimeter. Nevertheless they never left the area and became a rarity within the Universe. Whenever one was willed enough to wander away, it would only return days later or have been killed/tamed by a wandering Hero (The story is muddled here as speculation claims that it is the Firefoxes hatred or The Admin's curse that keeps them at the outskirts of this unknown forest inwhich the surving Browncoats decendents supposedly thrive.)

Serenity Guild and The Browncoats

It is known through out the Universe that for whatever reason the Heroes of the Serenity Guild are allied with The Browncoats. For a more detailed history, visit their guild page. All members and former members of the guild are claimed to have met the Browncoats, but when asked directly simply reply: "These lips are sealed."