Brotherhood of the Sisterhood

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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Brotherhood of the Sisterhood” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove the {{delete guild}} template.
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Brotherhood of the Sisterhood aka Sisterhood of the Brotherhood is the result of the merging of two of the ancient guilds formed back in the reign of Winksneezers XI. The Brotherhood of Long Boys in Short Pants was known throughout Godville for their brave spirits, zest for adventures and tragic fashion sense. The BoLBiSP's greatest nemesis was the Sisterhood of Agriculture and Farming, more well known as Ho's with Hoes.

       For several years, the BoLBiSP and the SAH found themselves at odds with each other. Much of the disagreement culminated in the Second Fashion War when both found themselves on the opposite side after a hearty disagreement over whether it was proper to wear socks with sandles after Ferret Day. After the Second Fashion War ended, some common ground was found between the two guilds in their mutual support of wearing fanny packs with lederhosen. 
       When the Third Fashion War broke out during the reign of ZipCreamy The Unimpressive, both Guilds were strongly entrenched in their mutual respect for each other. The two decided to merge on St. Cucumber's Day in the year 19.34HumZero. There was a brief worry that the merger would fall apart over arguments about the name. However, the members of both guilds decided on a much agreed upon marvelous name that would boost membership. It was, however, quite long and was shortened to the Brotherhood of the Sisterhood.  
    Many members of the newly formed guild loathed the shortened name and pushed to use the full name. Unfortunately, the Secretary who kept the guild notes was tragically blown up from a highly destabilized pair of lederhosen. The guild records were also lost as they were being kept in his fanny pack. No surviving members could quite recall the new name but all remembered how great it was.  One surviving member, Alyssa The Slightly Interesting, claimed there never was an original name and that everyone was so drunk at the merger that they simply forgot they couldn't come up with a name and assumed they had. Upon expressing this theory, Hero Alyssa was kicked out of the Guild in the traditional ceremony in which she was dressed in a polyester pantsuit and sent into the abandoned mall to fight the zombified United Colors of Benetton workers.