Brotherhood of Steel

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Brotherhood of Steel
Motto: Steel Endures!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: 29017 c.u.
Date Founded: 15/9/11
Pantheon of unity Rank: 10
Forum Headquarters: [The Bunker Brotherhood of Steel]
Guild Page: Brotherhood of Steel 

The Brotherhood of Steel is a guild that originated from a strange universe known as Fallout. However, it was the hero, Gideon Thera, that first brought (some say copied) the idea to the great land of Godville some time during the last age. Legend has it that he learnt of the Brotherhood from this pre-war source.

What started as a group of like-minded individuals meeting in order to see who's blade was the sharpest, often with hilarious results, soon grew to near biblical standards under Parthalan, Thera's mighty god. It was through his divine tutelage that the members of the guild realised that technology was the key to success in Godville. Their quest was simple. Scour the land and united the greatest feats of technological success in Godville under their banner. While originally wanting this knowledge to further their presence in Godville, upon seeing the pain and suffering of the people, Thera thought to himself, 'I bet an iPod would fix this!' and so it was pleged that any and all technology discovered would be used for the greater good of all citizens in Godville.

Yet, these revelations came at a cost. The guild became divided into two factions: the Scribes, who favoured peace, and the Paladins, who believed that they must defend themselves. These two groups almost went to war until the Scribes realised that they really had no idea how to fight and only had very few weapons. The pen isn't mightier than the broadsword! As such, a united Brotherhood continues their quest, aided by their very little-power armor.

The Emblem

The Brotherhood's emblem apparently shows the various diciplines that the guild offers and its various aspects. Their 'supposed' technological dominance is shown in the gear, their laughable skill of arms in the sword, the wings highlight their award winning (self titled) quest for knowledge and the new heights that they can reach. Finally the circle reinforces the unity that the guild displays. However, guild historians believe that all of this was just a happy coincidence, and that the emblem was in fact someone's bored doodle.

What the Guild Offers


Another god is always welcome in the guild, so if you are level 12 or more, send your hero a message stating 'Join "Brotherhood of Steel" guild' while he is idle, (not fighting a monster) but not in a town. Remember not to cancel your current quest before sending your message.


Heroes can be stupid and if you don't already know that, it won't be long before you find out. As such he/she may occasionally attempt to leave the Brotherhood (which we obviously don't want), so to stop this you must send a 'cancel quest' message. If you were to join another guild, you would start from the the bottom as a 'fan' so loyalty and vigilance is advised.


  • You may be rewarded with special items for promoting our guild in towns by using your god power (encourage or punish).
  • In some rare cases, villagers will recall your hero/heroine's great deeds performed in the guild's name and give them money or an item.
  • Occasionally a trader may be 'impressed,' by your “Brotherhood of Steel” guild membership card and you may receive an item for free. Yay!
  • Finally, the Brotherhood has a complete health-care and dental plan that you would be a fool to not take advantage of. As such you can in certain towns wave your “Brotherhood of Steel” badge in the surgeon's face, and get patched up for free.

Helping the Guild

There are a few ways you can do this;

  1. Use your God Power in towns to increase our influence: Every act of almighty showing off will increase our influence a little. There may, however, be certain actions that help more. These will show up in the diary as, "People will remember our guild for a long time here!" etc.
  2. Edit this page a little; I would prefer if you kept the information the same; however, I don't know how to do any fancy editing, so if you think you can spruce the page up a bit then go ahead!

Guild Members

If you wish to be noted as a prominent or important guild member, just send an Invitation to Godville to me (Parthalan) and ask me so.

A Brotherhood member before his tragic death at the claws of a dragon.

High Elder

This title belongs to the founder of the guild GodParthalan  and is ever faithful, if a little dim, brown coat herald Gideon Thera, who finds that many things are, 'damaging his calm.'


These are the first of what is hopefully many members of the Brotherhood of Steel. They have proven themselves great warriors, if you are to believe the rumours in local taverns.

  • CouncillorGodAlexander the Mighty  and his earthly blade Trogdor the Burned, who has been known to yell 'This is Sparta' at inopportune times that ruin social events.
  • GodJuzbcus  and his diligant follower Juzbcusican whose motto, 'Take what u can' is usually followed by, 'Just because I could.'
  • GodJak as kevin  and his knight in rusting armour Jaklee7, famous for his ranting of, 'For Pwny!' Which I assume are like ponies.
  • GodSteweyOX  and his protege Sebastian47, known for saying, 'dont hate the playa...'. Instead, follow his example and hate grammar!
  • CouncillorGodRagepimpinpaige  Head of Human Resources and Public Relations and her maiden Ragepaige, who, thanks to her motto, 'Not always doing business...' no longer gets invited to Brotherhood social events. (joined another guild, pending to be removed.)


The standard force of the Brotherhood, forged by couraged, but not quite as tempered as the paladins


Our Scribes are the keepers of lore and knowledge. They are vital to securing documentation of our ever-growing technological achievements but many consider this discipline boring, just a stepping stone towards 'Elder'. So to ensure the Brotherhood always has an ample supply, Scribing has been made mandatory for some. For example, anyone with an Art History degree is instantly made a scribe. It's the best thing for them... and the rest of us.

  • CouncillorGodDarbone  and his hero Daegion, whose motto 'Cuz I felt like it' answers that eternal question that nobody asked.


  • GodUrthemiel  retired - His hero left the guild while he was away less than 3 weeks despite promises of at least a 28 day lay perid ;_;


The Council

The Council was an idea given to one of our elders by their God, 'Unite the people,' he commanded, 'and you will gain the knowledge of the masses, you will answer the big questions!' Unfortuantely, few questions have been answered (they mainly talk about boxes); however, the most active of these Councillors deserve to be noted and so a few of the names above will have that honor bestowed upon them. There was supposed to be a monetary award but the guild hall just had to have those gold plated toilet seats.