Brand new bag

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Artifacts of Godville
Brand new bag
A New Bag!!.jpg
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Almost not used.
Cost No godpower
Effect Grant some Artifacts

The Brand new bag is a special Activatable Artifact only obtainable by fishing.

Pleasant Days Fishing...

Imagine sitting in the middle of a boat on a pond, just fishing; your line catches, and you reel it in. What a fighter this one is! After a few minutes of struggling, you discover that your magnificent catch is... a bag. A brand new one at that.

What strange message from the gods is this? Do the gods want me to replace my loot bag?

All very common questions for a young hero or heroine. But with all the memories: blood stains, teeth marks, and pet stains, how could you possibly bear to part with your bag? Better to just stuff this new bag inside the old one and hope it fits.

Brand New!

Since this bag is brand new, you may be wondering how it got to the bottom of this pond. Don't! Keep fishing, and eventually you may even catch something useful!

Activatable Too!

For all you gods and goddesses reading this, these bags aren't totally worthless; taking some magical residue of creatures that live in the deeps of the various ponds across godville, (Rumor has it there are females, breaking the all laws of monsterdom!) this bag may be changed into more artifacts! Or just rubbish.

To use: Press the '@' symbol, requires 0% GP!

Diary Entries

!Hero's Diary
10:56 AM Divine force took the brand new bag and disassembled it without permission. I should known that there would be solar-powered darkness absorber, exorcise machine, potential energy drink, “crop circle pattern” book, settled score, license to maim and list of stupid ideas inside.

!Hero's Diary
09:27 PM Suddenly the brand new bag exploded in my hands. Found a Godville particle and a pagan bible inside.