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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 157
Map code BW
Known for cheap parties and bad savings
Motto Eat, drink, kill, repeat!

Bosswell is a town. More specifically, it is a town that was only recently marked by Godville cartographers, just off of the sailing route from Los Adminos. As such, it is largely unknown. Our preliminary reports, (from heroes wandering through while drunk,) have revealed that the most interesting feature of the town is a very large well, which is supposedly the boss of the entire town! Hopefully, some sober agents get there soon and give a report that makes some sense.


According to local legend (as overheard by heroes accidentally stumbling into town from drunken heroes in the many taverns), Bosswell was found by a group of experienced heroes wishing to form an elite society of sorts for the most skilled of hunters, in particular those adept at killing boss-monsters. The party of heroes who first stumbled upon the town's current location had decided that the area is remote enough for rookie heroes not to be able to easily locate the town and bother them. At first, the place consisted of nothing but a simple tavern built next to a mysterious well which the baffled group of heroes had found simply standing there in an empty field.

Over time, as the number of strong, experienced heroes grew, so did the society itself. Inns and taverns connected by dirt roads would soon form streets, with the occasional shop here and there, set up by traders who had heard of the place by chance and decided to take advantage of the opportunity presented by a place filled with rich and frequently drunk heroes. Thus, Bosswell eventually evolved from a self-proclaimed elite society to a town in its own right, albeit still a secluded one.

Of course, heroes are notorious braggarts and party animals, and as such, other, perhaps more reliable reports suggest that Bosswell is in fact, a community built for the heroes, by the heroes - one where their incessant partying and endless tall tales of slaughtering ever more fearsome boss-monsters and trekking through the darkest and most dangerous of dungeons would be better tolerated than in most other towns. The seclusion of the town would certainly be of help to heroes who would otherwise be made to seem rather silly by the overwhelming evidence against their claimed triumphs, most notably, the supposedly slain boss-monsters still being very much alive.

At any rate, nowadays Bosswell, though not exactly well known, is reputed for its cheap ale, good music, all-night parties and taverns decorated with various parts (legitimately obtained or otherwise) of fierce creatures. Wide-eyed, young heroes will often pester veterans for fighting tips, which the older hunters will gladly give up for a price (paid in advance). More experienced heroes make their way to Bosswell to enjoy the finer things in life in between questing.


!Hero's Diary
03:16 Hmm... nice settlement you have here. Bosswell, you say?

!Hero's Diary
11:48 PM Hello, Bosswell! Hello, doctors! Hello, civilization... and hello, Caravanserai!


Bosswell is nestled in the Qu'tox Ocean at milestone 157, placing it between Los Adminos and San Satanos, and just outside of the small hamlet of Nothingham, leading to some confrontations with the locals. It is a smaller, scarcely populated community spread out in the archipelago between its local neighbors, and provides defense against the local seagoing monsters... for a price.

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