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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Bossferatu 1.jpg
Class birdman
Habitat Horror movie
Description A scary monster that is friendly
Boss Type Underground

The Bossferatu is a big scary boss monster! What else do you need to know? Not many heroes have survived fighting him, but we do know that he has horns.

Just like the name, it is also consider a boss among the boss monsters. From the survivors reports, its big, and it is the horror itself. From first glance, it is truly terrified with it's abnormal look.

According to other monster's report, at first it was friendly but easily get angry. When it got angry, it is a disaster. The more rage the monster got, the bigger, darker it became. And judge by it's look, its more terrifying and stronger.

Rumors said that heroes who won the fight with him, will get the chance to talk. And survivors reported heroes who made him mad will be tortured by playing hangman the game. And there are stories of this tremendous monster is actually from a German Horror Movie that digs all the way from the movie to Godville.

However, the stories cannot be determine as truth as not many heroes had survived to tell the tale, or maybe they are too afraid to fight and just make up a story.

Bossferatu that gets really really Angry!



  • Have terrifying big wings
  • Eagle's eye
  • Very talkative that it annoys people


  • Easily get angry with small things
  • Have wings but can't fly
  • Forgot how to speak when he gets angry
  • Lots of feather falls everyday
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