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Boss-Monsters are monsters that are a little different from the everyday monsters a hero often encounters. They are a little bit bigger and usually have a fearsome mustache--sometimes with handlebars, oh my!

All of this is obviously in accordance with the first rule of computer games: there must be a boss at the end otherwise players won't feel like they've accomplished something. As this rule contradicts a few of the other rules (such as rules 4, 7 and 4 + 7i), it was not at first obeyed in the land of Godville, but eventually someone waved a magic wand and many heroes' heads suddenly exploded and the bloody residues formed the basis of these new boss-monsters (conservation of mass and energy in action). Information regarding the species of these creatures is not currently available on the Godwiki due to the restriction of hazardous substances. However, it is known that some monsters may only be encountered as boss-monsters. The minimum health of a boss-monster is about 180 hit points.

Strategy for Fighting Boss-Monsters

Boss-monster fights follow a nearly identical format as duels with other heroes. Accordingly, the best strategy for defeating a boss-monster is for a god to help a hero with encouragement, punishment, voice of commands, and miracles during the fight. Since the commands are identical to those in the arena, arena fighting tips should give a novice god the basic information. Miracles can still be considered rude in group fights. Though you are not stealing a fellow god's (hero's) experience, you may destroy the valuable artifacts that the other gods look forward to winning.

Activating a boss monster summoning artifact while in a town, will result in the city guards killing the boss-monster and providing the hero with fewer coins than had the hero defeated the boss-monster outside of the town.

!Hero's Diary
The city guards quickly killed the boss, leveled up and gave me 1854 gold coins with thanks.

Boss-Monsters also have special abilities that require a specific strategy (see below).

If a god cannot help a hero while fighting a boss-monster, the next best thing is to ensure that the hero has maximum health going into a boss-monster fight. For example, if a hero is on a mini-quest and the hero's god has to walk into a very important meeting with the Supreme God of the Universe (or just the God's Supervisor), the god should encourage or provide other commands to make the hero's health bar filled with green before the boss-monster fight. Gods can also memorize the six mini-quests that usually precede a boss-monster fight and heal the hero near the completion of those mini-quests.

Winning or Losing a Boss-Monster Fight

Losing a duel to a boss-monster will cost a hero only a few coins, but winning the duel can win big. If there's time, a god should inspect the boss-monster's inventory before the hero is defeated. A very strong boss-monster's inventory may contain a couple of gold bricks. These boss-monsters are often so strong that the hero is defeated by the boss-monster's first strike. The hero's god must attend to the duel quickly before his or her hero is defeated.

Boss-Monster Abilities

Boss-monsters have special abilities that differ from heroes and other monsters. The only reason they have this is because boss-monsters asked the Godville mayor for extra skills and he said yes.

Ability Description Strategy To Use When Fighting
Auriferous Will touch heroes' blood, rocks, stones, and artifacts and turn them into gold. Do not punish or use attack voice commands if you want to prolong the fight and maximize gold obtained.
Deafening Shouts down god orders making voice commands useless. Do not give voice commands.
Enlightened Reflects part of the damage from a punish back on the hero. Refills godpower to 100% for surviving heroes at the end of the fight. Do not punish. You can use up your remaining godpower, as it will get refilled to 100% after the winning the fight.
Explosive Monster explodes when defeated, damaging all heroes. Do not end the battle with low health! The explosion removes 20-30% of your maximum health.
Faithless Is immune to all punish damage, however punishes can still backfire and damage the hero. Encourage backfires will not heal the monster. Miracles are still effective. Do not punish.
Hulking This ability gives the boss-monster more health. N/A
Leeching The boss-monster will heal when a god uses an encourage. Do not encourage.
Mutating The boss-monster's other abilities will change during the fight. Watch for ability changes and alter your strategy as needed.
Nimble Allows a boss-monster to strike twice per turn. May cause up to 80 in health for a single-hit and up to 160 for a double-hit. Kill the boss-monster as quickly as possible. Keep health high (preferably above 200).
Overhearing The boss-monster will occasionally react to voice commands. Do not give "strike", "defend" or "heal" voice commands. "Pray" can also cause the boss-monster to receive a blessing and heal. It will sometimes cause the boss-monster to gain a new treasure.
Pickpocketing May skip an attack to steal an item from a hero or seemingly out of nowhere. Stolen items can be used to heal by the boss-monster, or may be won back by the hero. Kill the boss-monster as quickly as possible.
Scurrying The boss does not take turns to attack. All fighters will attack every turn, including the boss. N/A
Skilled Creates items from scratch or by hurting the hero. Can convert items into different items, usually with damage to the hero or multiple heroes. Can also heal itself when creating an item, not damaging the hero. Prolong the fight as long as possible so the boss make more items so you have an abundance of valuable items after you defeat it (due to fact they make valuable bold and activatable artifacts as well)
Sneaky When health is low the monster will first "begin looking for an escape route," then several steps later, will flee the fight, leaving all heroes with no money or loot. Kill quickly after the warning message to avoid being left with nothing.
Squandering Consumes gold and items that it carries. Kill the boss-monster as quickly as possible to avoid being left with little to no loot.
Summoning May summon a weaker version of itself to help take on the horde of opposing heroes, called a Mini-*name of boss-monster*. The ally will not have the same abilities as the monster, so a faithless monster's ally can be damaged by punishes. However, which boss-monster an action affects appears to be random. The Mini-boss-monster is usually summoned when the boss-monster is between two thirds and half down in health. Punish or kill it fast to retaliate the damage a mini-boss can give, especially when taking the monster alone.
Sweeping The boss-monster can attack multiple heroes at once. Kill as quickly as possible.

Types of Boss-Monsters

There are four types of boss-monsters: underground boss-monsters, mini-quest boss-monsters, activateable artifact boss-monsters, and dungeon boss-monsters.

Underground Boss-Monsters

The first step in finding an underground boss-monster is to tell a hero to dig. To do this, write "dig" in the voice of god box and press send. As with all voice commands, a hero may or may not listen. After a "dig" voice command is heard by the hero, look for the "Challenge Friend" button on the remote control. If you have over 50% godpower and the button has disappeared, get ready for a fight with one of these underground boss-monsters because the button disappearing (but not because godpower is lower than 50%) means that a boss-monster is "hooked" and the hero will then look for an ally (who is digging and is healthy) over the next 4 minutes or so from the time the voice was sent (and not the time the response to the voice was recorded). If an ally is found, the battle commences.

  • Requires two (or more) people digging at the same time.
  • Health cannot be red to successfully dig.
  • Starting entries (recorded so far ⇀ there are likely more that have yet to be reported):
Click expand to see the list of starting entries
I heard a strange sound coming from the ground ⇀ like something is moving deep underneath.
My shovel skid into the ground, opening an entrance to a den. I hear a distant roar. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
I fell into a dark cavern and felt something sinister nearby. It’s pitch black… Am I going to be eaten by a grue or something?
Discovered a small cavern. I'm going to keep absolutely still until I can be sure nothing's in here.
I have a bad feeling that I’m about to dig something that I wish I could bury back…
There's a really bad smell coming from the hole I just dug...
My excavations disturbed an old rock slide, revealing an abandoned mine shaft. Despite the “DANGER” signs, there's still gold here. I wonder why the miners left...
Got sucked into a black hole. Couldn't see anything. Can hear a lot though. None good.
As I plunged my shovel into the ground, the floor caved in and I dropped into a menacing abyss. I hope I can get out of here in time...
I just saw [name of pet] scramble away to safety. A few heroes digging nearby ran in another direction. Something isn't quite right...
Heard some noises, swearing, shouts about raids, bosses and underground caves. Is someone digging nearby? Mighty One, I'll be right back — if there's anything going on, I'll take part!
Something tells me I dug up the wrong X...
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom, there was a knock from the other side.
What are you doing, [name of pet]? Stop barking in the lair, there's nothing there... is there?
Is buried treasure supposed to growl like that?
Found an underground cave system and began to explore. Mighty One, I think something else might be down here...
I have a bad feeling that I'm about to uncover something that I'll wish I could bury again...
Found a rope in a hole. An enormous, furry, tail-like rope. I'm kind of afraid to find out what this is attached to...
It seems I have discovered an ancient underground city. Paintings on the walls depict a ferocious monster eating up humans! I've got a bad feeling about this, Omnipotent One.
When I stuck my shovel in the ground, a jet of steam shot out. A crevice is widening and my shovel is glowing blue.
The mouth of a cave just opened up. Are those unnaturally shiny and sharp stalagmites next to me or some very large teeth?
I have a bad feeling that I'm about to dig up something that should stay buried...
[Name of pet] suddenly dove down a hole I had just dug. Following him, I stumbled upon a large lair...
Accidentally unearthed an enormous cave. The smell down here is atrocious. Thankfully I have a can of air freshener. I just hope whoever lives down here likes the smell of apples...
  • Hero/ine will wait 4 minutes after the starting diary entry for a match before moving on to the next milestone
  • Minimum recorded level of a hero fighting a boss-monster is level 10 so you probably can't meet a boss-monster if below this level.
  • Levels of heroes appear irrelevant (low and high levels can tag-team the same monster)
  • Like mini-quest bosses, health of the hero is NOT restored before the fight
  • Also like mini-quest bosses, miracles by temple-owning heroes work but will likely destroy the boss-monster’s loot.

Strategies for Locating an Underground Boss-Monster

  • Dig every 30 seconds after the first response
  • Dig after the Earthly News changes on the same milestone
  • Time your dig command in such a way that the response (if any) comes in the following minute as recorded by the diary (i.e. send it at 10:45 (and 57 seconds) to get the response at 10:46.
  • Don't dig while the hero is "searching for the path".
  • Activate an activatable digging artifact. This usually proves the best way for getting underground.
  • If you dig up a boss you won't match another one with a digging voice command until an hour after you finished beating the first boss. If you activate an item to find a boss you can dig right after that to find another one.

Underground Boss-Monster Species

Monster Species Health[1] Hulking Health[1] Health of Mini[1]
Alpacalypse 130%, 156%, 166% 233% 47%
Alpha Mole 110% 165% ?
Bossferatu 205% 287% 61%
Bossquito 102% ? 31%
Dragonandon 175% 263% 52.5%
Giga Byter 135% 202% 40%
Heromnivore 164% 250% 49% to 75%
Jack Lantern[2] 200% 247% ?
Moleosaurus 106% 160% 48%
Mount Dracula[3] 210% ? ?
Oreoboros 190% ? ?
Overtaker 187% 262% 56%
Pumpkinhead[3] 175% ? ?
Rootbear 155% ? ?
Squirmisher 90% 135% 27%
Terracotta Worrier 133% 200% ?
Vertigoat 145% 203% 43%
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 All health numbers are estimates and indicated as a percentage of the combined total potential health of all heroes in the duel.
  2. Special Halloween 2012 Boss-Monster
  3. 3.0 3.1 Special Halloween 2015 Boss-Monster

Mini-Quest Boss-Monsters

Some boss-monsters can only be found after a specific mini-quest.

Dungeon Boss-Monsters

Dungeon Boss-Monster Species and Their Health Limits

Monster Species Lvl Min Health Max Health Min Hulking Health Max Hulking Health Health of Mini
Adminotaur 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Afterlifeguard 3 123% 123% 182% 187% 37%
Aftermoth 2 102% 107% 154% 162% ?
Appetitan 2 123% 123% 170% 186% 55%
Archetypo 2 98% 98% ? ? ?
Ark Enemy 3 122% 123% 184% 185% 55%
Bagstabber 1 68% 68% ? ? ?
Blamethrower 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Boozerker 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Bluffalo 1 77% 78% 115% ? ?
Bosstradamus 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Buzzkiller 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Catastroflea 1 76% 78% 116% 116% ?
Cementalist 1 77% 77% ? ? ?
Detrimentalist 2 102% 106% 153% 154% ?
Difficultist 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Ducktator 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Dungeon Keeper 3 123% 125% 184% 187% ?
Dungeon Sweeper 1 77% 93% ? ? ?
Escargolem 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Exoskeletor 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Flashmobster 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Flawyer 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Flowsnake 1 77% 77% 115% 115% ?
Gastronaut 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Glitch Doctor 2 108% 108% 153% 154% ?
Godbuster 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Grimelord 2 98% 98% ? ? ?
Hangoverlord 3 122% 123% 183% 186% 55%
Hazmatador 2 102% 103% ? ? 31%
Hellevangelist 2 108% 108% 153% 160% 46%
Hyperbully 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Hypnogriff 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Keyborg 1 76% 77% ? ? ?
Killdebeest 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Magnum Octopus 2 92% 103% 153% 153% 31%
Megahurtz 3 ? ? ? 184% ?
Minotourist 1 77% 78% 116% 116% ?
Nachomancer 1 77% 78% 116% 117% ?
Obscentinel 3 125% 125% 184% 184% ?
Omnipoet 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Optimystic 1 69% 77% ? ? ?
Oxydjinn 3 123% 123% ? ? ?
Plundertaker 1 76% 77% 115% 117% ?
Quasidodo 1 77% 77% 117% 117% ?
Salsamander 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Satyrant 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Scaretaker 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Shamaniac 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Shyborg 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Sighborg 1 76% 77% 115% 116% ?
Spelun King 3 ? ? ? 208% ?
Stalactitan 3 123% 123% 171% 195% ?
Telepony 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Thug-of-war 3 123% 123% ? ? ?
Tinkerhell 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Tombcat 2 ? ? 154% 154% ?
Tubercolossus 3 122% 123% 184% 185% 52% to 56%
Turmerisk 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Underminer 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Uranium Slug 2 103% 108% 153% 160% 32% to 46%
Warmongrel 2 ? ? ? ? ?

Dungeon Boss-Monster Health

Dungeon boss-monster health is determined by a combination of factors:

  1. The max health of the adventurers: The total sum of the maximum health of the adventurers in the party (whether conscious or unconscious) is the base from which the boss' health is calculated.
  2. The number of boss-monster abilities: The number of abilities the boss monster has then determines a percentage of the base health for the boss to roll:
    1. A 1-ability dungeon boss will roll 70-80% of the base (rounded down)
    2. A 2-ability dungeon boss will roll 100-110% of the base (rounded down)
    3. A 3-ability dungeon boss will roll 120-125% of the base (rounded down)
  3. The number of adventurers: Smaller parties (of 2 or 3) may[1] have reduced boss strength by approximately 10%. (They may also carry reduced gold.)
  4. Hulking boss-monsters then have their health increased by approximately 40-50%[1]

If you meet a hulking 3-ability dungeon boss, its health can be almost double the party's combined health. They can then add an additional 35-55% to the opposition health if they come accompanied by a Mini. Beware. Any fights with these bosses without a full party of healthy heroes or a party with only a few active players can be quite taxing on the amount of charges used and can result in defeat. Caution is advised when encountering these beasts.

  1. 1.0 1.1 More data is required to confirm this information.

Aboveground Boss-Monsters

A hero may stumble upon an aboveground boss-monsters while questing or by activating an ACME monster trap or trouble magnet. An aura of hunting will greatly increase the chances of a hero meeting an aboveground boss-monster (it will increase the chance of meeting an underground boss-monster as well).

Note: You should only use the boss summoning item outside of the town, otherwise, Townsguard will kill it and you will only end up with the gold and no XP nor the items.

Monster Species Health Hulking Health Health of Mini
Archnemesis 136% ? 41%
Arrestocrat 221% ? ~30%
Awkwarg 85% ? ?
Broadbandit 135% ? ?
Centourist 113% ? ?
Cholestroll 147% 207% ?
Jaguardian ? 180% ?
Megaphony 80% ? ?
Obituarian 138% ? ?
Snowman[1] ? ? ?
Terminator T-34 124% ? ?
Wraptor 107% ? ?
  1. Special Holiday Boss-Monster
Boss Monsters
Aboveground Archnemesis • Arrestocrat • Awkwarg • Broadbandit • Centourist • Cholestroll • Megaphony • Snowman • Terminator T-34
Dungeon Lvl 3 Adminotaur • Afterlifeguard • Ark Enemy • Bosstradamus • Difficultist • Ducktator • Dungeon Keeper • Flawyer • Godbuster • Hangoverlord • Hyperbully • Megahurtz • Obscentinel • Oxydjinn • Satyrant • Shamaniac • Spelun King • Stalactitan • Thug-of-war • Tinkerhell • Tubercolossus
Lvl 2 Aftermoth • Appetitan • Archetypo • Blamethrower • Buzzkiller • Detrimentalist • Exoskeletor • Flashmobster • Gastronaut • Glitch Doctor • Grimelord • Hazmatador • Hellevangelist • Killdebeest • Magnum Octopus • Omnipoet • Tombcat • Underminer • Uranium Slug • Warmongrel
Lvl 1 Bagstabber • Bluffalo • Boozerker • Catastroflea • Cementalist • Dungeon Sweeper • Escargolem • Flowsnake • Hypnogriff • Keyborg • Minotourist • Nachomancer • Optimystic • Plundertaker • Quasidodo • Salsamander • Scaretaker • Shyborg • Sighborg • Telepony • Turmerisk
Mini-Quest Ancient Demon • Drowned Captain • Ku Klux Clown • Level Boss • Mad Clown • Obituarian • Pundemonium • Spirit of Halloween • Vegan Cannibal • Wherewolf
Underground Alpacalypse • Alpha Mole • Bossferatu • Dragonandon • Giga Byter • Heromnivore • Jack Lantern • Moleosaurus • Mount Dracula • Oreoboros • Overtaker • Pumpkinhead • Rootbear • Squirmisher • Terracotta Worrier • Vertigoat