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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Bookshop on the Corner” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove the {{delete guild}} template.
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Bookshop on the Corner
Motto: Be as you wish to seem.
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: June 2019
Membership Count: 1
Guild Page: Bookshop on the Corner 

There is one in every town. Perhaps you don't always notice it - but it's always there. That little place, snugly fit between other buildings. Maybe it's just out of sight; or maybe it's in plain sight, but somehow missed by most. What it looks like, and where it is, varies. But the inside is always the same - welcoming, warm, with that musty smell only pages upon pages of unopened books can bring. They're all there, patiently waiting on the shelves to befriend you. All you need to do... Is step inside.

Chapter One: An Introduction

Everyone has a story, and each story is unique. Perhaps you've battled and won over your demons; perhaps you're in the middle of battling them now. Or maybe things are looking up for you. Be they stories of tears, or stories of smiles, everyone has at least one to tell. But not all of us have someone to tell these stories to. I started this guild in hopes that, should someone in need by some happy incident find it - they could come to a place where they can be listened to. The Bookshop will quite probably never achieve splendor or popularity. But isn't that the charm and appeal of the corner bookshops?

Remember, though the main goal is to bring a voice to those who feel they have none - don't feel limited by your stories alone. Anything can be a subject if it's brought up; anything can be spoken of if it can be thought. Well... Anything within reason, of course.

Chapter Two: The Journey

Everyone, and anyone, is welcome here. No matter how you play the game, no matter what you think, what you believe - the Bookshop welcomes any new guest. You may choose to stay, or you may choose to move on - the choice is yours. While inside the small premises, however, there are a few rules to abide to:

  • Be kind to all. They all have traveled far, and will travel on, just as you have.
  • If you have a thousand stories to tell, please, do; but respect the rights of other readers to do the same. No two books are the same, but all deserve to be treated with the same care and respect.
  • No bookstore keeper enjoys roudy behavior, and similarly, no disrespectful, harmful nor aggressive behavior will be tolerated here. No matter who someone is - they are all still people, with the right to be respected for such.
  • Bookstores welcome children and adults alike; age holds no weight in here. But as such, all content ought to be friendly for all ages - please do remember this, if you decide to join.

Chapter Three: ...To be Continued

As every book, be it good or bad, has to come to an end, so does this article have come to a close. Perhaps, in time, if more curious souls step inside the Bookshop - this will expand; but for now, thank you for staying till the end. The Bookshop bids you all adieu!