Book Wyrm

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Monsters of Godville
Book Wyrm
Draconis liber
Class Dragon
Habitat Libraries, Book Shops, and L-Space[1]
Totem for Ganjamancers ⚜️ 
Description Small, dragon-like creature who likes to hang around books.

The Book Wyrm (Draconis liber) is a lesser variant of the mighty Dragon races.


As a member of the Minores class of dragons, it is about the size of a common iguana, and can appear in any color. It resides anywhere that a major collection of books can be found. However, its true home is in the L-Space:[1] a dimension which connects any given library with another one via time and space distortion. Book Wyrms are also known to be able to shift their body into 2D, so they are able to step into the pages of any book. In this state, they feed on oxford commas and dig holes into ampersand. It has an endless hunger for knowledge, which can only be satisfied by reading tomes, scrolls and codexes of Godville. Loves a good chat and philosophizing with friends.


Book Wyrms love libraries and bookstores because they hold numerous books. Sometimes they ally with powerful mages so they have access to their personal tomes. Navigating in L-Space gives them an opportunity to explore famous libraries of any place and era, past, present, and future.



  • Lexical knowledge
  • Able to shift freely between 2D and 3D
  • Smarter-than-you
  • Will correct your grammar
  • Able to think BEFORE it acts
  • Small and agile
  • May occasionally cough up some fire
  • Fireproof
  • If you fight it in a library, prepare to be attacked before the fight even starts


  • Curiosity
  • Smarter-than-you attitude
  • Fragile compared to most dragon species
  • Constantly gets distracted by books.


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