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Body Equipment

Type: Bodies (Equipment)

Bodies [Equipment] is an important piece of protection for the hero. It protects against the occasional waist-level tree branch as well as sharp monster claws. This equipment may cover a large portion of the hero or may be designed to be worn only on a specific part of the body

Bodies [Equipment] is known by different names - some are named for the region in which they were invented, while others may be associated with one's job or title even though heroes do not have either one. Certain body equipment is donned by only beginners whereas others are only only available to seasoned hero or heroine. Elite, original equipment often costs more than that which is readily available or "stock" in stores no matter the town. Occasionally, townsfolk may wear various equipment as part of a sponsorship deal with the name of the shop where it is available carefully embroidered onto it.

Here is a brief list of some of the names of the bodies (equipment) you might encounter in shops: amulet, armor, bandages, baggies, bell bottoms, belt, bib, bloomers, bobby socks, boots, bracers, braces, breast plate, breeches, buckle, bustle, callipers, capris, casque, chain, chaps, charm, chest plate, clothing, coat, codpiece, collar, cords, corset, costume, crinoline, cuffs, culottes, cut offs, daks, daisy dukes, doublet, dress, dungarees, epelletes, flannels, flares, gages, garment, gauntlets, gatlings, girdle, gloves, gown, greaves, high waters, hip huggers, hot pants, housecoat, hose, jacket, kimono, knickerbockers, laderhosen, jodhpurs, khakis, knickers, leggings, long johns, mail, mantle, muff, muumuu, mitten, necklace, overalls, pants, pantaloons, pauldrins, plus fours, pounders, rain coat, raiment, rigging, rings, robe, ruff, salwar, sash, seal, shirt, shoulder pads, shoes, shorts, skirt, ski pants, slacks, slip, smoking jacket, socks, stirrup pants, strand, strides, suspenders, sweater, sweat pants, tabard, threads, tie, toga, trousers, truss, tunic, wizard robe, wrapper, and wristlets to name but a few.

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