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A fairly awesome hero who is guided by his benevolent and loving god Bobius I.

He is the first member of the Bobius guild which was created in honor of the greatness and friendship of Bobius I and his allied gods.

He has been elected as the guild leader of the Bobius guild twice.

Level Up

Bobus I' Levels

Highest Records in Pantheons

Pantheon of Creation: Top 3

Pantheon of Destruction: Top 1

Pantheon of Duelers(junior and senior): Top 25

Pantheon of Survival: Top 75


He was the first hero to spot the monster known as the Identified Ufo after going on a stargazing trip with his guild.

He was able to convince the Quest-giving body of Godville to give out the quest of finding out what lies beyond the outer spiral of Godville.

He also spotted the first ever Pure Hybrid after spending time with other hybrids.


Bobus I's Temple

Bobus I's Ark

Bobus I's Dungeon

Bobus I's Savings


His first ever pet was a Sun Dog named "Fido" who got knocked out after 2 months of companionship and was not brought to a temple in time because Bobus I was dead and was not resurrected immediately by his god because he was on a trip. He was then released by Bobus I with a heavy heart on the 4th day of the 7th month. Fido will forever be remembered by Bobus I and Bobius I as a cheerful, ever-loyal, and steadfast companion. Wherever Fido may be, may he be happier than when he was with Bobus I.

The second pet of Bobus I is a rocky raccoon named "Stubby" who he met on the 6th day of the 7th month.

8-16-18 12:05 AM Stopped to watch Stubby duel another rocky raccoon. Threw a few treats as encouragement. Good job, Stubby! You are my rocky raccoon, right?

8-16-18 01:14 AM Stubby cuddled up to my bruise and purred calmingly. Suddenly I felt a little bit better.

1st KO 8-20-18 10:30 PM The Emotional Baggage Handler raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Stubby suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Stubby was knocked out by the impact of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don't bring him back to his senses in time, he'll lose all his levels and his will to compete!

2nd KO 9-26-18 06:41 AM Just as the Evil Twin was about to finish me off, Stubby gamely threw himself head-first at the creature, killing it instantly. He's been stupefied since, with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out. I promise I'll heal you, my brave, loyal rocky raccoon, if it's the last thing I ever do!

9-28-18 07:53 PM I didn't manage to heal up my pet's wound in time. Well, Stubby, your regenerating abilities will help you to recover, but I think level-ups and pantheons are not for you anymore. On the other hand, who needs those silly things anyway?

8-21-18 06:31 AM I spent 4810 gold coins to heal my pet. He wasn't knocked out for too long, so he might even get his next level faster. Grow big and strong, my Stubby!Bobus I embarked on 2 consecutive epic quests during the 7th month as well.

8-27-18 01:02 PM My silly rocky raccoon darted out right in front of me, and I almost stepped on him. Stubby, don't get on my nerves! And definitely don't get under my feet!

9-7-18 03:10 AM Stubby just shed his skin! Wait, does a rocky raccoon do that? Anyway, he looks bigger, meaner and cleaner now.

9-25-18 02:59 AM Suddenly, Stubby began to spin in a circle at really high speed. When it finally stopped, I noticed that my pet had leveled up and was also wearing a super-rocky raccoon costume.

9-29-18 06:48 AM I heard that if you love someone, you should set them free. I released Stubby into the wild to pursue his hopes and dreams. Meanwhile, I'm off to pursue all my greatest ambitions, in the tavern.


The third pet of Bobus I is a Trojan HorsePets who he named Cupil. They met on the 2nd sunset of the 11th moon on 2018.

11-2-18 07:31 PM I was just about to defeat the Trojan Horse when he pulled out a beer and offered it to me. Hey, I could use a good drinking buddy. Slapped a collar on him and named him Cupil. He looks like he's regretting his choice now.

11-5-18 01:33 AM Cupil ran from the attacking Firefox. I had to follow him, Gentle One...

11-6-18 10:46 AM Cupil jumped into a bush and came out bigger and stronger. Wow, he leveled up! Maybe I should try that.

11-8-18 08:54 PM I was riding on Cupil until a traffic guard told me to refrain from riding until I procure a trojan horse riding license.

11-11-18 01:14 AM Stood up on my trojan horse's back and surfed the next few miles. Cupil sure is a good sport sometimes.

11-12-18 07:19 PM Cupil jumped into a bush and came out bigger and stronger. Wow, he leveled up! Maybe I should try that.

11-17-18 03:40 AM Soaring up into the air in a beam of colorful light, Cupil started to look bigger and stronger. Hmm, there isn't any reason to fear for my life, is there?

11-22-18 09:34 AM Cupil just shed his skin! Wait, does a trojan horse do that? Anyway, he looks bigger, meaner and cleaner now.

11-25-18 09:51 AM Cupil glowed and his eyes sparkled. It seems that my brute just achieved a new level.

11-26-18 05:27 PM My pet is full of surprises. It looks like Cupil has tamed a flea! Now he's trying to punish it.

12-2-18 09:08 AM Cupil jumped into a bush and came out bigger and stronger. Wow, he leveled up! Maybe I should try that.

12-3-18 09:35 PM The trader gave me a free 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt for my trojan horse. It looks nice — just the right size!


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