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Deities of Godville
Robert Zieneth 
Hero Bob Zieneth
Personality Righteous
Gender Male
Motto Do it the right way!
Favourite Town San Satanos
Cenco Warfare
Guild position Guild Founder & chief master

The one, the only Robert Zieneth.


Pantheon: Gratitude Unity Might Greed Construction Taming Gladiatorship Creation Destruction
Rank: - 235 20057 - - - - - -


  • Elbow bite
    • Combat level 8
  • Forced generosity
    • Trade level 7
  • Flying Bird
    • Transportation level 1



Acolyte is my BFOG (Best Friend On Godville). His hero Haskell was the first hero that my hero met. He is like a pen-pal to me except that we communicate through Godville, so I guess a Godville-pal. I don't know but I guess I'll just say pen-pal.

Other Friends

Other Statistics

Just a few other statistics that don't require a section to themselves.


Righteous -- I'm happy with my Hero, so he better not do anything stupid.


Bob Zieneth's personality is constantly rising and falling a lot, it is very stressful


"Do it the right way!" -- I came up with this motto on my own by myself, which means that anyone who has this motto copied it from me.