Boa Conscriptor

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Monsters of Godville
Boa Conscriptor
Class Reptile
Habitat Army Tents inside caves
Description Military snake

The Boa Conscriptor is a monster with the ability to attack heroes by numerous ways.

Information and History

The Boa Conscriptor, when it was still a baby snake, was just a regular snake, living in a jungle with its mother and siblings. It had a normal life, that was until soldiers came to the area to attack some guerillas hiding in the jungle where they were. The soldiers found the snakes and decided to bring them back to their camp.

The little snake watched as the soldiers kept themselves fit inside the camp, as well as fire guns at the guerillas (or any practice object they could find). The snake wanted to be like them, so one day, when the snake turned 18 and the soldiers already left the jungle, he slithered his way to a boot camp where new soldiers were trained. The would-be-soldiers welcomed the snake with open arms and let him accompany them in their army training.

He graduated from the boot camp along with the rest. They were all friends. They were assigned to a faraway jungle to quash a rebellion of natives revolting against the country. One day, when they were busy readying an attack to the armed natives, they were ambushed, and everyone on his battalion was killed. He was the lone survivor. The Boa Conscriptor was so mad that he swore to himself to have revenge on the people who killed his human friends. Which he did. He killed the natives. After that, his rage was not yet contained so he swore to kill everyone with a weapon.

He has since then arrived at Godville. And since heroes had weapons, they became his target.



  • Has a gun mounted on its back
  • Has a helmet protecting its head
  • It can either constrict his enemies to death, or shoot them with his gun


  • Hide all your weapons, and it won't attack you
  • It's very slow. You can outrun it
  • Mention the word soldier friends and it will get emotional and cry, mourning his soldier friends
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