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The Blue Shooting Guard guild is a guild with a completely random name hecause the creator (ME: XERONUS) and his champion Operos are two derps with no creativity. At first the creator of this guild didn't even think that this name would be interpreted as a fan name for Basketball or as a fan name for the Anime Kuroko No Basuke/Basket (because the main protagonist has Blue hair). Join the epic XERONUS (also known as the biggest derp ever) on the quest to become the ultimate guild (or so :D).If anyone wants to join the derps please command your hero in the following way:join:Blue Shooting Guard guild. Then you'll be part of an epic guild... I think.....not. Have a nice day. Hey I'm German let's speak a little german. Dieser Gründer dieser Gilde ist ein Schwachkopf.