Blue Sun Travel

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Blue Sun Travel
Blue Sun Travel Logo 2.png
Motto: See the 'verse.
Alignment: We do not discriminate on the basis of alignment.
Totem Monster: Blue Ray
High-level Rank: wanderer
Date Founded: Sometime in August 2011
Guild Page: Blue Sun Travel 

Join 'Blue Sun Travel' and see the 'verse. A guild for heroes of all alignments who seek to explore, pillage, and plunder the world around them.


A reporter's description

I step between the gold plated plutonium columns, receive the nod from the burly guard wearing a shirt that proudly proclaims "The hero of Canton" and I am in. Through the work of gods both dark and light, I have gained entrance to the guild hall of "Blue Sun Travel".

I've been invited here to describe to my readers things that most mortals can barely begin to imagine. Here you will find the wonders of the secretive guild and pretentious guild hall that they call home.

The first thing that I notice is the aroma that assails my nostrils. It's quite pungent, a formidable scent, that stings the nostrils. In a good way. I know now that the rumors I have heard of this guild are true. They seek the most illusive scents, London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and, the mostly illegal, Sex Panther (by Odeon).

It is obvious that this is a place where the great gather between heroic quests to rest , worship, and drink. In the far corner I see a famous hero discoursing passionately on the subject of waterfowl. In the shadows on the right sit two of the most evil heroes I have ever seen, smoke and brimstone seem to fill the air around them. In the back leaning against the bar, with a giant cigar dangling from his mouth the cloud of smoke making his halo all the more visible, stands the founder of the guild, the man I am here to see, Devin the Meek. It is his invitation that has brought me here to chronicle this wondrous guild and their plutonium palace.

It is apparent, as I approach this bar, that this guild takes the needs of their heroes seriously. There are no less than 743 rare microbrews on draft and another 682 bottled selections. The food here is said to rival the 'Space Bar'. (I hope to soon find out if this is true).