Blue Portal Lagoon

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Geography of Godville
Blue Portal Lagoon
Description A tropical paradise.


This beautiful lagoon is an oasis in Godville. This lagoon is filled with a wide variety of colorful birds in the trees and tropical fish swimming in the waters.

Big surprise, where else would the birds and fish live? The answer: nowhere else. They belong here in the lagoon - but does anyone really know why? Why do the birds and fish make this place their home?

The one and only reason is because these birds and fish are totally boring creatures with no imagination - so they are content to live mediocre lives devoid of anything out of the ordinary- never living beyond their expectations or cultural norms. Besides, the birds and fish are wondering why your hero is actually still reading about their lives because they really do not care - they do what they want.

Warning to Heroes

Heroes will find they want to visit this place during cold weather months only to complain about the humidity of the region when visiting during the summer. It can be dangerous because the hero expects nothing, and finds total beauty - in fact, they would be blinded by it - if not so busy reading this description about it.


This lagoon is located near Los Adminos in the Sacred Archipelago.

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