Bloody Raiders

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Bloody Raiders


There are many legends of the Bloody Raiders. Some say they are heartless, some say they are not of this world, but I know the truth. They are a band of warriors who seek not honor or glory but just a good time and a bit of blood, so when you see a Bloody Raider know that when there is trouble they will be there for kicking butt and saving people; it is what they do.


Long ago there waged a terrible war known as the Great War. The war was between the god like creatures known as the Titans and humans and we were losing, so with some help from a Djinn and the gods themselves, we made the 8 Immortals. Thanks to them we slayed the Titans and peace was restored, but over the years the Immortals died off. All but one; the Immortal of Blood. This great hero founded an army to protect all. This band of warriors is the Bloody Raiders. So their legend is told.


We are a welcoming guild with several highly active heroes and a few who just like to pop in for a beer or two from time to time. Most of the members are friendly and are more than willing to help out or share a tale of two. Our headquarters are located in a secret location, but any member can tell you where they are. Just remember to use the blue door... Because blue is a welcoming color. The door was originally a gift from the Queen of the Fairies, but in a drunken stupor the Mighty Sporkhawk mistook it for a monster and proceeded to hack it to pieces. He replaced the door but was never quite able to get the shade of blue just right. Recently the legendary Captian Oblivious wandered into the guild hall and joined the members of the Bloody Raider for a flagon of beer or ten. Such was his drunkeness that the room began to rock and sway convincing the good Captain that he was on a new type of war ship, which he immediately declared was now his property. The Bloody Raiders have as of yet been unable to convince him otherwise. The good Captain has now become something of a Guild mascot, and is tolerated with good humor. Just don't be surprised if he runs up to you and demands a full broadside on some imaginary target, as the Raiders have yet to get him to stop drinking.