Blood-Curdling Stream

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Geography of Godville
Blood-Curdling Stream
The blood-curdling stream is known for its blood-red water.
Description A stream that would make one scream

The Blood-Curdling Stream is a stream that is not too far from Godville, and is well known for its blood-red color. There is a myth that has it that the blood-curdling stream was the location of where the first instance of a monster killing a hero occurred, and an angered god stained the water red as a curse. However, some argue that the stream was the location where a hero killed a monster for the first time. The truth about the place is unknown. But many speculate why most monsters are deterred by the blood-red water.There is a monastery located beside the stream, where Godville's records are kept. Drain snakes have been found living beside the stream and it tends to be a common habitat for smaller monsters. Another common type of monster that appears by this stream is the Blood Curdler. Even though it has been proven that the red water of this stream is not blood nor does it contain blood, very few people theorize that the red color of the water is because the Blood Curdlers blood curdling leaves some blood dripping or flowing into the stream itself.

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