Black market pamphlet

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Artifacts of Godville
Black market pamphlet
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The Black market pamphlet is an artifact.

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of equipment that you cannot otherwise find on the shelves of the town merchant? Something considered very helpful yet illicit, or in slang, 'hot'?

Then the black market pamphlet is just what you need! When the honest executors of societal economy lets you down, there's sure to be 'one of those' in the shadows!

The black market pamphlet is your free pass to a black market . . . like a password at the door when the eyes peek from the slot. Heroes will still require a large amount of gold coins to actually do the transaction inside. But the items within can be equated to a cheat code item in a video game...the most powerful, most gratifying, most progress-enhancing items in the world of Godville!

Though, like all items with a use...they must be utilized in the way they were designed or their powers are useless. The black market pamphlet must be exchanged to a black market guard in order to be effectively handled.

Unfortunately, all heroes, in their highly drunken state, quickly forget where it came from, or what it is used it will almost certainly be exchanged at a legitimate counter of some merchant for booze money. A god can try almost (certainly) in vain to coerce his or her hero into using it correctly, but even if the voice is hear a command to act on something so much against the humanly circumscribed status quo? must just be temptation, right?

A hero who follows an evil god may listen in a rare circumstance, but this has not been proven.