Birds of Prey

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Birds of Prey
Motto: Erutnevda Man Iranev!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 20330 c.u.
Date Founded: February 4, 2014
Membership Count: ~30
Forum Headquarters: Birds of Prey
Guild Page: Birds of Prey 
Data current as of August 11, 2016

Some One Hundred Percent Important Information Before the Serious Stuff

BoP has a guild language, a particular dialect of the common tongue known merely to our guildies as... Idiot-speak. In the more well known method of reference to this strange and mysterious language, it has been known to be referred to as talking backwards. Ti noitseuq t'nod.

In The Beginning

...was the word. That word? BIRD. A falcon, specifically. A Falcon with a title. That title? LORD. His name was Lord Falcon. Lord Falcon created the guild originally as a place for his avian brethren to join him in the fellowship of the wing, but in time, he moved on to bigger dreams, dreams of a guild that stretched across social space-time. This second dream was the one to succeed, creating a haven for just, like, hangin' out.


Birds of Prey is a social guild, one fully dedicated to the pursuit of silliness. We don't hold well to schedules, and we certainly aren't prone to serious behavior. Some of us are dedicated to learning how much pure, unrefined ridiculousness a human can handle. Some of us are prone to occasional deep thought and true complexity. Some of us are just here to have a good time. BoP is open to any and all gods and goddesses to join, regardless of personal purpose. Our purpose, you could say, is to have fun, as well as make sure that others do too.


The Birds of Prey's first alliance is with the Silver Raven Piracy Guild, and the alliance was formalized through a ceremony in Atlantis on the 12th of April at about 11 p.m. (EST)

The second alliance of the Birds of Prey guild was formed with Midnight Sunrise, an upcoming guild formed by a former high ranking BoP member, Aphen. At first, the guilds stayed seperate, but after a strange dispute featuring a hatchling bird and a ninja bear, the two became close allies.


At this point in time, Birds of Prey is a completely open-ended guild. We have no idea what to do with ourselves. Besides being silly. That we do quite well.

Extra Stuff

The highest ranking members are known as wing.

The guild totem monster is the Bird of Pray.

The guild theme song is Ride of the Valkyries composed by Richard Wagner.

The current symbol of the Birds of Prey is ⚚

New Stuff!

The Guild hall was destroyed by a certain psychic being, and in response was replaced by a ship- the Firebird. A large, flying ship built by the guild together as a whole, the inside is also linked to a quasi-dimensional space with many rooms for the members and other lovely places. After a short time with other members put in place as the guild leader, Khyrena returned to take the helm once more, and did so with pleasure, until her eventual departure from Godville. Other members have since taken over as guild leader.


Woo, serious stuff! Birds of Prey has had many important members, ones that spoke up in the guild chat, those who made our guild something unique and fun, you know the type. Anyway, out of respect and admiration for them, our first guild ranking/pantheon/whatever won't be based on rank in the guild, but on those who have helped us become a halfway decent guild as a whole. This means old members who left, as well, and if you don't see your name on here and think it should be... throw a message in the guild chat.

Note: This ranking is based on when we remember people showing up, NOT how much we like them. Please don't be offended if you're lower down on the list.

The Guild Ranking of Awesome, in no Particular Order:

  • . All dem alts people threw at me to help out the early guild.

Thank you to all the awesome members of BoP, old and new, past and present. If your name shows up here, that doesn't make you better than the others, but it sure as heck makes you more memorable. Thanks.