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Not to be confused with Biliverdin - a green tetrapyrrolic bile pigment, and is a product of heme catabolism[1].

“Biliverdinn by Haemoglobin”, MS Paint, 2018
Other names That hero of Haemoglobin, Billy of That Big Kingdom, That weird rich guy and similar.
Gender Male
Blood type Beer positive
Formula C33H34N4O6 → n
Melting point Higher than the temperature of lightning[2]
Date of Birth A long time ago in the That Era era[3]
Birthplace That Big Kingdom kingdom [4]
Officially became a hero at December 6th, 2015
Goddess Haemoglobin
Personality (Depends on his Goddess’ mood)
Temple Completed at May 4th, 2016
Guild The Forsakens Lament
First Pet
Class Santa Claws
Name Bolt
Other names Bolt the Oldie, Boom Boom, The Monster of That Weird Guy

Biliverdinn (/ˈbiliˌvərdnn/) is a legendary hero who was featured in Godville folktales during That Era era[3]. He is believed to be born in an upper class family [5], which could explain his addiction of building a golden temple in the first days being a hero. Legends said that he was blessed with amazing strength and ingenuity by his deity Haemoglobin, which had given him the ability to slay various monster, save princesses and finish the hardest quests that was hung on the bulletin board in Godville’s Town Square.

There have been numerous variations of tales about Biliverdinn throughout the years, which results in the constant change of the chronicle written on his page whenever no one’s looking. It’s useless to state anything about him in here - the writer don’t have that much time to keep editing such useless stuff.

Things about Biliverdinn that were listed to make this page longer

The origin of his name

Biliverdinn is a word combined by Biliverdin – a pigment responsible for a greenish color sometimes seen in bruises[1], and n – a letter to remind that a number needs to be there. Legends say that he usually got caught having bruises on his face and had to visit the healers several times every day, therefore, to separate him from normal patients, all doctors of Godville had agreed on calling him with that nickname. People slowly forgot his real name and usually referred him as “Bill”, or “Billy” for short.

His look

« If you’re not good at drawing profile pictures, all you need to do is to find a good tutorial, draw the side face only, don’t challenge yourself with bunch of colors and then cover it with a lot of hair.

Not many people know the real face of Biliverdinn. All that was left is the sketch he believed to be sent to him by his Goddess, which is incomplete and can barely show half the face of the hero.

Judging from the drawing and how legends say about Biliverdinn, he always wore something to cover his jawline. The reason why he did so is still one of the biggest questions science still can’t answer. There are some theories about this, including which says he might have jaw injuries, or he might be unable to grow a beard.

From the drawing, we can also see he had medium-length wavy hair, parts of his hair was tied up and hung down the sides of his face. Some people say that he was insecure and he did so to cover his face, while others notice that this hairstyle looks almost similar to the hair of an anime character named Kusuriuri from the anime series Mononoke.

He is described as someone who isn’t paying too much attention on his clothes, but most of the time he was caught dressing in grey colors only. People agree that not only it’s a safe choice of color, it also helped him hiding from his foes in a world of just black and white before the first color camera was invented[6]. His clothes was tattered, which gave him the ability to blend in with the Group of Professional Beggars[7] to get more information for his quests.

His personality and attitude towards everything

Most of the time, Biliverdinn could be a generous man. It was hard to know if he was happy or not through that amount of hair and the jaw-covering thing, but in some tales of monsters[8] he was said to usually be slightly more gentle towards the monsters he was attacking comparing to others; sometimes he even spared their lives. He was also famous among normal townsfolk for occasionally paying the beer money for everyone in the tavern he was currently at.

There aren’t many records about how he fought in the Arena; most of them showed that he never took a fight seriously, which resulted in his unimpressive but well-balanced win/lose ratio. In Dungeons, however, he seemed to be more active - especially when his team had to face a strong opponent - a Boss Monster, and usually got out of them with a great amount of loot. Historians believe that’s a sign of a kind-hearted but still sophisticated hero.

There are other opinions about his true personality, including in some records of the vets around Godville about how constantly Biliverdinn brought his pet to them for a check-up was. Most of the time his pet stayed unconscious with some serious injuries and was in need of serious medical help. People for the Ethical Treatment of Pets and Monsters, or the PETPM, even tried to charged him with neglection and pet abuse, but both the pet and the hero never showed up at court.

His thirst in knowledge, or experience, to be more accurate

The fact that Biliverdinn keep on questing even when he had finished building his temple shows that he did the quests not only for the money[9]. Judging from the List of Quests, we can see many of them require a very deep knowledge about mostly every aspect of life - including history, physics, mathematics, art and culture, philosophy and so on - to understand and complete them. Historians believe that he had made important contributions to the human knowledge we have today.

Diary writing - Biliverdinn’s favorite activity

Unlike other monster slayers, Biliverdinn’s favorite thing to do was to write in his diary. He is depicted as someone who always holds a pen on the right hand while keeping his diary open on the left hand, and only put them back into his backpack when a monster or a beer mug appears in front of him. Most of the things he wrote contain self-deprecating or sometimes observational jokes, which are light-hearted and work well with anyone. He is also known for having a good writing skill. Even the toughest critics agree that all of his remain diary entries were grammatically correct and well-written while also easy to understand. This fits the theory which says he might be born and raised in a wealthy family, when most families in the That Era era couldn’t afford to send their children to school. Some monsters even reported that while having a battle with Biliverdinn, they had to stop in the middle of the fight so that he could scribble something in his diary.

The reasons why Biliverdinn was so passionate about writing could be:

  • He was schooled since the very young age and was developed a passion of reading and writing. Even though this is the most reasonable reason, there is no evidence shows that it’s true.
  • He had to find a way to communicate with others since he was unable to speak. It’s well-known that Biliverdinn never said anything in his chronicle or in the folktales, so this is also considered to be a reasonable reason. In some other documents, he was said to be unable to hear from the very young age, which affected his ability of learning spoken language[10]. Based on what was written in his chronicle, he seemed to only be able to “hear” people who were speaking when he looked at their face - probably by reading their lips.
  • He believed that writing in the diary was the only way to speak to his Goddess. He is said to be a lonely person with little to no contact with others, a wanderer with no family, and a follower that believes in the existence of his personal deity. This way of thinking should be understandable.

Either way, there is no denial that Biliverdinn surely had so much free time.

What he had done when he was still enjoying the life of a hero

Built a golden temple

« Everything looks much more impressive after being drawn with 2-point perspective

In the very first days of being a hero, Biliverdinn had spent a lot of time finding gold and making golden bricks. His actions at that time was considered “unnecessary and wasted” by locals. This was the time he was referred as “That weird rich guy” by many people behind his back.

These are the ways he used to get a golden brick at that time:

  • Wait for a miracle to happen. Biliverdinn was reported to get most of his bricks through a series of unbelievable events that could only be described in one word - “miracle”. Even though scientists don’t believe in either Haemoglobin or the miracle, they all agree that this was the only way that follows the law of conservation of mass, as he always lost an amount of gold in the process.
  • Buy from the traders. People have no idea why there was someone who actually sells these things, still, this is considered the most normal way for Biliverdinn to get golden bricks.
  • Complete quests. I believe that I’ve written about it somewhere in this page, and I’m too lazy to rewrite it.
  • Go fishing. How he could get bricks while fishing is still a myth. There is a theory says that “fishing” is actually a slang term for some kind of inside jobs.

Biliverdinn also went to the arena to get bricks, but he didn’t do it daily.

He finally complete his temple on May 4th, 2016 (or Day 2125 g.e.), which was “terribly ugly and hard to look at, but yes, it’s shiny”[11].

A rare picture of the temple with description

After a long period of time gathering as much gold as possible, when he finished his temple, surprisingly, Biliverdinn shown absolutely interest on any shiny stuff, let alone the golden bricks. He didn’t stay in the temple all the time, either. Instead, he quickly started travelling again with Bolt and gather gopher logs.

Built an ark

(Error 404 – Ark not found)

His trustworthy companions

« No fight no close.
Some weird Chinese men

They were once rivals, somehow became friends. Here are Biliverdinn’s pet monsters he met throughout the years of being a hero.

Bolt the Santa Claws

Biliverdinn officially became a hero in the middle of winter, so the first pet monster he met was a special one that only appears on the snowiest days. Biliverdinn called their encounter as a gift from Haemoglobin - when he suddenly had a strong urge to “start being responsible of someone beside himself”[12], his Goddess sent him a Santa Claws. After heroically defeating the monster, Biliverdinn looked deeply into its eyes and gently asked if it wanted to be his pet. Impressed by the hero’s power and well-being behavior, the monster accepted his proposal. Their journey began from here.

To thank his Goddess for sending him a new companion, Biliverdinn named it “Bolt” (/boʊlt/) - after the name of a strong weapon which Haemoglobin loved most. Together they travelled around Godville and wrote the first chapters of the chronicle about Biliverdinn. Throughout the days staying with Biliverdinn, Bolt is believed to save his life for not just a couple of times.


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