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What is Big Godband?

Big Godband is a new guild in Godville. It's a small community that is working together, despite the various opinions on the best beer, and most importantly which gods they believe in.

The Guild was founded by Andreas Andersson, in an attempt to bring different religions together and also in an honor to his god, Aprone.

In an interview with Andreas, this is what he said: "We except almost everybody, no matter of religion, favorite beer, social status, sexuality, or anything else that is usually considered abnormal by other guilds. We're a group that is held together, and if we need to fight for anything, we'll do it together."

Who is Aprone?

"This guild is dedicated to my god Aprone, who's not really a god but very close to one", Andreas says. "He is an awesome game developer and an awesome dude in general."

How to join

Joining the guild is really, really simple. You just issue the following voice command: "Join "Big Godband" guild" but without quotes.

The rules of the guild

"We don't have many rules, as rules only encourage people to break them".

The guild is a "chilling guild" where swearing is allowed, as well as discussions regarding sexual matters.

"For this reason, we advise people under age 15 to join the guild, however it is up to you. Just don't complain if you find our discussions offensive."

However, in Big Godband, insults or harassment aimed at other people in the guild is strictly forbidden and may or may not result in the person getting expelled.

Extra stuff worth knowing

This is the second version of the Big Godband page. Eventually it will get even more descriptions added to it but I think I sorted out some spelling and grammer errors.

Thank you for reading this article!

We're looking forward to seeing you in the guild soon.

Best regards: The guild masters!