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Monsters of Godville
Description Unknown

The Bicyclops is a monster that is not usually found riding a bicycle, though in Godville, anything is possible. It is the rather unlikely case of a Siamese twin cyclops. If conjoined front-to-back they could possibly be riding a tandem bicycle, but usually they would be conjoined side-to-side and so have four arms and four legs and possibly even binocular vision, making them more dangerous than the ordinary cyclops or giant.

If the hero is clever, which is rare, and if he or she is sober, which is even rarer, he or she may outsmart the Bicyclops, for in this case two heads often are not better than one and too many arms and legs can make the Bicyclops even more clumsy than usual. In any case the hero should not get too close for the big clumsy oaf may be unlucky enough fall on the even more unlucky hero.