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Monsters of Godville
Lupus zythus
Beer wolf.jpeg
Class Magical beast
Habitat Everywhere
Totem for BloodMoon ⚜️ 
Description Howling to the beer.

The Beerwolf (Lupus zythus) is a magical wolf [1] created by a magus as an answer to the Beerkat. But, as is often the case, the creature got out of control and now roams freely in Godville.


To the inexperienced eye, the Beerwolf (Lupus zythus) doesn't differ much from a basic wolf, and will be found within a wolf pack, avoiding heroes like any common wolf.[2] But as soon as it scents beer, the Beerwolf will desert the pack and search for the source. When it finds beer, the magic within the creature will absorb it and the Beerwolf will enter an "empowered" state (according the the quantity and strength of the beer), affecting its power and its intellect, making the Beerwolf a mighty foe.

Physically, an enhanced Beerwolf tends to be bulkier, with beer-colored fur and a bipedal posture. Intellectually, studies show that enhanced ones can understand common language and arithmetics. The more proficient can even read books with ease, "but we have yet to see a Beerwolf write."[3]

Some olds records say that a whole village[4] may have been scratched off of the map due to the cunning and ruthless actions of only one Beerwolf.

A hero reported that he somehow survived an encounter by asking a philosophical question[5] of the monster, allowing scientists to develop theories on how advanced an enhanced Beerwolf civilisation could be. Since then, the Beerwolf hazardousness has been evaluated, and a bounty was put on its head to avoid a disaster scenario for Godville.



  • Can scent beer from kilometers away (even further than heroes).
  • Can directly respire beer from a 1 meter radius (more or less according to individuals).
  • Becomes smarter and more powerful after beer consumption.


  • Will forget everything when scenting beer.
  • Not really dangerous in standard mode.
  • Over-receptive to philosophical questions in enhanced mode.


  1. A magical wolf has nothing to do with a wolf in a school uniform doing magic, thank the gods.
  2. Scientific paper "The Intellect of the Beerwolf is a Myth." Published on 1011 g.e.
  3. Scientific paper "The Intellect of the Beerwolf is NOT a goddamn Myth." Published on 1051 g.e.
  4. Said village was called "Thiercelieux" or something close. The remains of the village, found in 172 g.e., were not intact enough to be sure.
  5. "I asked it, 'Why do wolves howl at the moon, but not at the sun?' And I managed to sneak away while it was still thinking about it." A still-scared hero, Godville, 1009 g.e.
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