Beer-scented soap

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Artifacts of Godville
Beer-scented soap
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Type Normal
Description A cake of soap infused with beer and exfoliating grains.

Beer-scented soap is an artifact of great utility to heroes and heroines, prized for its ability to wash off the smell of stale beer from the grooming hero or primping heroine, replacing it with the heady aroma of fresh beer.


Production of this soap is centred in Beerburgh for the obvious availability of raw materials and ease of transport up the rivers Stinks and Kraktor. Small-scale production takes place elsewhere in Godville, wherever there is a brewery and a population with a desire to emulate some of the heroic lifestyle while staying clean.


  • Small: The lowest grade of soap, made from beer spoiled in production & malt leavings from the second or third brewing. This is suitable only for the unfortunate hero abandoned by their goddess.
  • Session: Mass produced from first run malt and the barrel ends after bottling, this grade is what the majority of heroines will encounter throughout their questing career.
  • Premium: Reserved for those serving the gods and arena combatants (whether victorious or not), this grade is made with the finest holy ale, the first fruits of the barley harvest and the purest product of the soaper's art.
  • Craft: For the truly avant-garde hero, craft grade soap is made in those out-of-the-way taverns and hamlets that dot the landscape between milestones and that have their own micro-brewery attached. Quality can vary wildly, but for the with-it heroine, this is no matter.
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