Become one with the force

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Quests of Godville


Become one with the force
Difficulty: 3/10 to 9/10

The force is the essence of life in all things. Although we can neither support nor deny this statement, several Mad Scientists claim that after testing several subjects, the have found that unidentified pieces of genetic structure can be found in several of their DNA helixes.

Other important figures in science report that although it is controversial whether the force truly exists or not, it has been found through numerous research studies any heroes who claim to be 'one with the force' seem to exhibit strange powers such as better listening skills and a "sixth sense".

For those heroes who have decide to venture out into Godville in order to complete this quest, I can tell you that it can range from easy to impossible. Not only might the force not exist and make this quest impossible, in order to progress in this quest, your hero must AVOID doing all of the following in this order:

  • Becoming one with the force of gravity by jumping off of a cliff — 25% progression
  • Being one with the force of nature by being eaten by a bear — 25 % progression
  • Being one with a forceful nature by being rude to everyone in town — 25% progression
  • Using any of the words from the quest title in a diary entry — 25% progression

It generally takes approximately one day for the hero to complete this quest independently.

PLEASE NOTE: Messages sent during this quest are more likely to be misunderstood as you're telling your hero to do the various four tasks they are specifically to avoid.