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Pets of Godville
Class Mammal
Habitat Mountains
Description A warm warrior
Tame at levels 76-103
Feature Riding

The Battle Sheep (Ovis proelium) has gone through extensive training at Battlaticon Academy learning how to strike, dodge, and use their hypnotic powers and sharp teeth to help man-kind. However, most heroes see the Battlesheep and try to make it their pet, angering the sheep. Most battles end in defeat for the heroes, but they claim they beat it so not to be embarrassed at being beaten by a sheep. Even if that sheep defeated thousands before it.

Ancestry and Origin

When the Battlesheep was young, it lived in the Limestone Labyrinth, which was named Lambstone Labyrinth at that time. It was near the Meadows of Eternal Tranquility. Green grass, clear water and serenity. And Mary loved it. But feast-day was close.

On the day of doom, all was not bad. There were fireworks, flowers, and a concert. But Mary quietly took a knife. For the little lamb, it was a surprise. All people, better friends of lambs, at once became hungry beasts.

Emotion hurricane caught young lamb and moved it to the impregnable Jagged Peaks. The eye of the storm remained the lamb. The eye of the storm and revenge.

In the Peaks, nights were cold and grew harsh. And the psyche of the lamb was crushed. Between the rocks without trees, the lamb thought, “All people kill!”. It armed, trained, and quickly grew. And now the sheep is attacking you! Accelerating warp it has, grenades and bombshells in the cage. In Academy monster(s) now. Sheep has calmed but is not forgotten about.

This monster heroes look for, you must have observed it before. Don’t sing “Mary” – the danger is high. Be careful and you will succeed in the fight!



  • Warlock in war.
  • Not far from tommy-gun.
  • Wizard in whizbang art.
  • Breathes Fire (07:47 Prene suddenly flew into a rage and breathed fire at the opponent. We were all shocked. What other hidden talents does my Battlesheep have?)


  • Placid when near Lassie.
  • Quiet when eating sweets.
  • Like wolfish skin, and for it to all agree.
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