Bastion of Beer

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Bastion of Beer was formed after a great number of gods decided that beer is the only way to achieve world peace .

The gods' heroes and heroines quickly spread the news by punching posters to each monster they encountered, giving out free gold coins to each member, and paying Death himself to let mankind live longer.

This was working perfectly until someone who was too drunk to notice accidently pressed the 'Forget Beer' switch at Pandora's Box and opened it. This caused the whole planet to forget what beer was.

Fortunately, the founders of the guild survived the brainwash by drinking beer. Till this day the gods continue their noble quest. Most of the gold from this guild is spread to the whole planet causing people to think that gold came from the ground . But some do know where the gold came from .... BY DRINKING BEER !

Comments from some of the gods who are in Bastion of Beer.


I need more beer. My brain is remembering things .It is remembering things. GAAAAH !!! Waiter ! Get me BEER-ZILLA . Yes ! I know its my 67th shot. GET ME THE DRINK NOW !!

Invoker Ex

Look ! A flying butter troll is serving me beer . Wait ... My beer o-meter is going down to the Sea Of Beer !

Steve Ohh

If you can see , It means you need more beer . If you can't remember what's your name you need more beer . If you can't remember how to breathe ... Well use the beer supporter.