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Equipment of Godville
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +37
Description The dual-sided Bartenderizer aching for a barfight.

The bartenderizer was commissioned by a hero from an Evil Temple. The weaponsmith involved was tricked into creating this weapon thinking that it was to be used as a cooking implement by a world-renowned chef.

It was thus designed to be able to weaken or break through the body of the toughest monsters to be served as delicacies. Its original name is the "The Amazing Wonderizer à la Iron Chef" (The weaponsmith knows zero French).


The weapon is dual-sided so that if one side is dulled in battle, the other may be used instead. This redundancy was noted by the weaponsmith to lengthen the durability of the weapon rather than increasing its striking force.

The design includes an inscription engraved into the handle. The words glow every time it slays a monster. Neither the significance of the words nor the mystery of its unearthly glow has yet been resolved. Although, it is rumoured that the words are the motto of an unnamed God from an Evil Guild and the glow is due to the weapon sucking the souls of defeated monsters and imprisoning them within its hilt.

The heroes wielding the weapon also seem to grow more inclined towards violence. This is evidenced by heroes using the weapon to uncontrollably attack bartenders in various taverns thus giving it its current nickname, "The Bartenderizer".