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Artifacts of Godville
Bar tab
Type: Normal
Description: Unknown


High definition dictionary defines a Bar tab as a tavern-term describing a stack of bills and tavern receipts accumulated by the by the hero, often thicker but sometimes heavier than a gold bar or gold brick.

This is commonly found in taverns especially in Beerburgh, Herowin, and Los Adminos.

Plural form: Bar tabs

Example in a Sentence

A very drunken and incoherent Conan The Barber Inspector is smacked in the face with a bar tab by a very cunning and lucid Bart The Tender Bartender.

Other Uses or Definitions

  • Rarely, used by drunk heroes to refer to the tab key from the tavern's computer keyboard, mistakenly thinking that bartenders press it to print out their bill. There is an ongoing urban legend that says if you rip off the tab key, the bartender will be unable to print out your bill. Tavern rules: no bill equals no pay. Unfortunately for the hero, the price of the ripped tab key is more often more expensive than the actual bill, hence this alternative term, Bar tab.

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