Band of Rejects

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Band of Rejects
Motto: "Accept your fellow reject"
Alignment: lonely
Membership Count: 68
Pantheon of unity Rank: 44
Guild Page: Band of Rejects 

guild page

new guild forum

just discovered Band Of Rejects
One week later


  • unable to get a job because of your serious lack of style?
  • unable to get a date because of your misplaced eye?
  • unable to join in on game night due to severe body odor?
  • kicked out of the spartan army due to not being able to stand upright and hold your shield?
  • last one picked for dodgeball?
Are you tired of the politics and drama of the larger guilds?

Have I got news for you

This is the place for you. Here at "The Band Of Rejects" we accept you for who you are. We make it our goal to make everyone feel welcome.

With easy handicap access at all our guild halls and medical facilities everyone can find ease of attending functions. if being social is not your thing each guild hall has a poorly lit room to make avoiding eye contact easier. Our newly remodeled tavern has many different sized stools so the overly tall or overly short can find comfort. We recently have added a department of acclimation for those wh(o need help learning how to handle not be rejected.

**** update: we are planning a weekly "rejected mixer" for those who wish to be involved in something now and then ****
The 'Band of Rejects' guild hall

Homey isn't it

With our newly installed scary clown fire pit, and rec. room with semi-functional games, there can be plenty of interaction with your fellow guildmates.

we have two now!!!:: It helps heat too!!! :: these are safe right?

  • joining our guild is easy enough just tell your hero to ' join "band of rejects" guild '

Every so often your hero will take it upon himself to start a quest to join another guild. Do not worry, this can be easily stopped by sending the voice command:

Cancel quest

This should be done when your hero is out of town and idling (not fighting monsters). This may take many attempts because, as we all know, our heroes are quite stupid at times.

The rejected council

The other rejects

Feel free to add yourself to this list.

If you wish to be added message me (eddie) and how you became rejected.