Bald Mammoth

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Monsters of Godville
Bald Mammoth
Class Mammal
Habitat Originally deserts, but now all climates
Description A Pachyderm with self-confidence issues

The Bald Mammoth (Mammuthus calvus) is a monster with a pachydermian memory and an equal sized lack of self-confidence.


Born out of the warmer yet still desolate desert areas, Bald Mammoths are more aggressive compared to their hairier cousins. They are also smaller due to better heat dissipation and have superior water retention. Bald Mammoths enjoy moisturizing their hairless bodies and waving their trunks in the air.

Most Bald Mammoths are very self conscious about their inability to grow hair. The first hero to encounter a Bald Mammoth described the conversation as one that began in a civilized manner. The hero made nice small talk and later asked if the Bald Mammoth was having a bad hair day. The hero recommended some hair growing products and suggested hair plugs, reducing stress, and wearing a hat. This enraged the Bald Mammoth. The hero later said "Its' bald. It's scary. It's a mammoth powered with anger and hatred. It's a Bald Mammoth!!" This enraged and embossed the Bald Mammoth even more prompting it to charge the hero. [1]

The teased Bald Mammoth then returned home and told his family of the mean and insensitive words uttered by the hero. From that day, all Bald Mammoths vowed to trample every hero without mercy. Bald Mammoths quickly spread across the land imposing their cruelty.


Bald Mammoths are very sensitive about their lack of hair. For a while, shaving became en vogue in Godville, but that trend did not mitigate their lack of self confidence. Bald Mammoths have been known to spray glue on their body and run through barbershops. Many also commonly pay exorbitant prices for hair regeneration lotions.



  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Virtually no patience
  • Excellent memory


  • The cold
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Ghost stories


  1. We only know what the hero said by reading his flat-as-a-pancake diary.
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