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Champion of the God: Samdol
Personality: Pure Good!
Gender: Male
Motto: Combs pretty lies for you.

The town healer said I had multiple personalities, and gave us some pills. We're feeling much better now!

Ok, Mighty One. I give up. Where is my diary?

Searching for the right path... Ah forget the right path, I'll make my own!

Oh Mighty One, where do I come from? Am I nothing but a pawn to worship you?

Great One, I'm so devoted to you, it hurts.



I ran out of space to write in my diary, so I bought a new one.

I've always wondered... Why does everyone want to kill me? Am I that annoying, Omnipotent One? Please tell me I'm not! Please!

My Lady, I don't know whether life is passing me by... or trying to run me over.