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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Psychic
Habitat Forests
Description So painfully awkward that nobody has ever maintained eye contact long enough to give a description.
Boss Type Above-Ground

Found in the depths of the forests of Godville, Awkwargs tend to attack heroes when the hero starts becoming awkward because it attracts the monster.

No one knows where they truly come from. Some say it used to be a hero who became so awkward in everything he did that he was banished from all towns and civilization and was left to wander within the depths of the forests of Godville to fend for itself. Its awkwardness finally moving up to a higher level that it became a new being now known as the Awkwarg.

Awkwargs enjoy the awkardness in situations and even grow stronger the more awkward it is. It is therefore advisable to defeat the Awkwarg as fast as possible for keeping it in a prolonged battle will allow it to make the ambience more awkward.

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