Auto Corrector

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Monsters of Godville
Auto Corrector
Description Unknown

The Auto Corrector is truly horrifying monster that roams the lands of Godville; few are the heroes brave enough to fight these creatures that only bring misery and frustration to the people.

The Auto Corrector is by no means a terribly dangerous monster - but rather a super annoying one. Many heroes has met their end after listening to the Auto Corrector as it peers into the heroes diaries and endlessly tries to autocorrect every sentence in it. More often than not, it corrects sentences and words that are already correct, meaning that it doesn’t really correct anything at all, but rather makes more inaccuracies (something that is adviced against pointing out to this monster for safety reasons).

Because so few heroes manage to get rid of this monster and meet a sad end, little else is known about the Auto Correctors. Still, the tales of them are told on dark and stormy nights in the crammed taverns across Godville, sparking fear into the hearts of even the greatest ones. This may be why heroes sometimes buys new diaries; then the Auto Corrector will have less to ‘correct’ if they ever are unfortunate enough to run into them while on an adventure.