Aura of totemism

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Auras of Godville
Aura of totemism
All hail the Guild Totem!
Effect Various blessings by the almighty Totem Monster
Colour Fiery Blue

The Aura of Totemism surrounds your hero as a bright, sea blue colored flame when your hero encounters the totem monster of a hero's guild. The aura can also be obtained by solving the Godville Times' daily crossword puzzle. It has been observed that the totem monster does not actually have to be in the crossworld puzzle for the aura to appear. The most likely explanation is that the heroes confuse their totem monster's species for one that does appear in the puzzle. The resulting overwhelming surge of misplaced pride and guild loyalty then causes the aura to form.

« Wow, this is our dear Monty Python! Expressed my deepest gratitude to our guild's totem beast and was rewarded with an aura of totemism. »
« 01:45 Picked up the latest edition of the Godville Times and spent a few minutes solving the daily crossword. Lo and behold! I was gifted with the aura of totemism! »


The precise effects of the aura are currently under investigation, but random, unconfirmed effects seem to include:

  • Monster running away from the hero
  • Some monsters may recognize the aura and immediately sacrifice themselves, restoring 25 to 31% of godpower.
  • The totem monster, when granting the aura, may also restore some godpower (up to 47%)
  • Stronger attacks in battles; damage improves slightly
  • Higher accuracy of attacks
  • Increased generosity from traders
  • Increased health regeneration
« The Mine Sweeper recognized my aura of totemism, prostrated, and voluntarily sacrificed itself to the Exalted One. »
« The Infidel Castro recognized my aura of totemism, prostrated, and voluntarily sacrificed itself to the Exalted One. »
« After losing in a fair fight, the Battlesheep resigned to the totem and immediately sacrificed itself to the the Almighty. »
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