Aura of bliss

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Auras of Godville
Aura of bliss
This is fine.
Effect Temporary nirvana
Colour Purple

The Aura of Bliss is given to a hero by a god punishing with the absolute minimum amount of health before being killed (1). The aura is a deep purple with slightly less deep purple electric sparks coming off of it.


The aura of bliss provides some healing after each monster is killed. For the most part this renders the hero invincible, and they will usually be near maximum health while this aura is in effect.

Whether the aura provides other effects is not clearly known, however the name implies several effects:

  • the hero will become more comfortable, possibly in fighting, and trading situations
  • lower accuracy of attacks (temporarily)
  • lower attacks in battles; damage decreases slightly (temporarily)
  • overall willingness to save trees and move ladybugs and butterflies out of the rain
  • increased generosity from traders
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