Atheists Anonymous

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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Atheists Anonymous” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove the {{delete guild}} template.
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Atheists Anonymous
Motto: Shhhhhh!They might be listening!
Alignment: true brightness!
Gold Fund: 1361 c.u.
Date Founded: June 12, 2012
Membership Count: 2
Town with Greatest Influence: 0 (0%)
Guild Page: Atheists Anonymous 

Atheists Anonymous, also known simply as AA, is a guild populated by the most stupid, or perhaps the smartest heroes in Godville. Some heroes joining this guild have ignored the evidence of their own eyes as to the existence of their personal God and angrily rant and rave about the foisting of religion on the populace by fanatical zealous heroes, other within its ranks whisper in hushed tones of a world where they aren't toiling under their gods wishes.

Some members believe that rather than being created by their gods, they created their gods themselves, and secretly search for a way to get rid of them once and for all so they can finally live in peace.

Other members have simply forgotten their gods, being abandoned by them long ago and lacking any real form of long term memory after years of alcohol abuse. Any memory of their gods they do still have is generally put down to a drunken hallucination, which the Atheists Anonymous's guild team of dedicated psychotherapists give them counselling for.