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At the Dragon
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At the Dragon is a tavern in Godville. It has sometimes appeared in the newspaper, quite as much as heroines appear at its doorstep.

History and fame

Not even the name of this place is a certain fact, no one knows if how or why it came to be, neither its location, characteristics, etc. But ignorance doesn't deter speculation but rather it encourages drunkards and writers to wonder about this fascinating enigma where beer is served. The evidence gathered suggests that the pub has never been in the same spot for it moves (or is moved) every season. The sightings confirm that the location varies in the triangle between Beerburgh, Godvillewood and Godville itself; the tavern specifically finds itself near the banks of the River Stinks.

The "At the Dragon" serves as a safe haven for both monsters and heroines alike. Fighting is utterly forbidden, thus all weapons armor and similar are left at the entrance without any exceptions. To avoid being attacked or raided by hordes of heroines the tavern has to be concealed often. Only the Aimless Archer, who rest there whenever they are not hopelessly searching for their eyes, are immune to the changing signs and the barricaded roads.

At. The Dragon

There is a theory claiming that this inn was built on the back of a wingless dragon who wanted to lure heroines and monsters to eat. Allegedly the bartenders take passed out patrons in the middle of the night and feed them to the beast, some even suggest the corpses are served with Warrior seasoning but this is unlikely.

This would explain all the uncanny quirks of the tavern such as the fact that it’s always warm despite no fire being lit, an obviously all the disappearances. Even though drunk heroines stranded in the middle of nowhere can die in plenty of ways.


It has been described as a wooden two story building with torches on the walls, a dark oak door, and three windows which seem to always be closed. The interior is barely lit and smells like old beer and cheap food. It is known to accept monsters and heroines alike, as long as they pay the bill!


The Rumor Mill will pay handsomely for any information regarding this tavern, wether it is their whereabouts, specifics or patrons. Whatever you find out, bring it to us only. We pay well to all our confidents.

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!Hero's Diary
The “At the Dragon” tavern invites you to a party featuring a delicious dinner. Please leave your armor and weapon at the entrance.

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