Assassin's Guild

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Assassin's Guild
AC Roman Assassin.jpg
Motto: Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 35847 c.u.
Leader: GodSrLuk 
Date Founded: September 24, 2011
Membership Count: 70
Pantheon of unity Rank: 39
Guild Page: Assassin's Guild 
Data current as of 4 June 2016

Welcome to the Assassin's Guild! We are a humble order who seek neither fame nor fortune, but only desire to do what is in the best interest of all mankind.

We lurk in the shadows and hide in plain sight. And on roofs. We really seem to like roofs... Anyway, if you are interested in becoming a member of the glorious brotherhood of assassins, all those willing to take the oath are readily accepted. Learn useful skills such as pickpocketing, stealth, thievery, lockpicking and bomb making. Wait...that sounds rather suspicious. Perhaps we'll just skip ahead to teaching you how to perform assassinations in a professional manner. Yeah, still sounding a little shady. We'll have to work on that...

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Templars need not apply.

Brotherhood Directory

(This section recently changed.) Any member of the guild who commits to the cause for the long term shall be listed in the following sections. Those achieving the rank of Cardinal in the guild shall be bestowed the title of Assassini and those achieving any rank above cardinal (Hierarch or higher) shall be bestowed the title of Master Assassini. Fallen Assassini is dedicated to Assassini who are not with the guild anymore.

Mentore (Guild Founder)

Master Assassini (Guild Officers)


Full Members List

Assassin's Guild Members

Fallen Assassini

  • GodDoi  hero Cornel cel Mare

About This Wiki

This wiki is somewhat maintained by the guild's founder, GodVejadeux . Although she tries to maintain full knowledge of what is happening in the guild, she can become quite busy and may not be able to update it as often as she'd like. The Assassin's Guild is now in an alliance with Isotop Guild. This wiki is updated on an irregular basis by GodMentalAzn .