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Motto: unum autem est in potestate nostra!!
Alignment: Anything you Want
Gold Fund: 6372 c.u.
Date Founded: 18th February 2015
Membership Count: 67
Town with Greatest Influence: Bumchester (2%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 380
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 26
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 424
Guild Page: Arsheam 

Last Updated 4/1/2015

About Arsheam

A Aw.. A Aww... Tove Lo- Habits ~ Look its a Flying Hippo !! Yeah, this is Arsheam, a weird guild with many kind of freak and weird people in it. But that's what makes us interesting right ? The variety of people makes it colorful. Arsheam is a home and a family. One does not simply pick one of us, because if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. There's only 1 rule in this Guild, which is NO RULE AT ALL. You can do anything you want, because we respect freedom the most :D

This guild alignment is neutral actually. So you are free to Punish or Encourage your hero in the town ( Make it in the town so people will know us ). We are newly made Guild, so its a long way for us. But we are a bunch of crazy people, so the trip wont be boring :D For further information you can contact Randgris IGM

Join Arsheam!

Huh ? Don't know how to join us ? Its Easy ! Just type Join "Arsheam" guild ! Maybe your hero is a lazy ass and an atheist hero whom doesn't listen all the time, so make sure you repeat it until your hero begins the quest~ Just wait a few days and maybe if you don't really like waiting, you can type Hurry quest in the Voice of Gods. Voila~ ! You're now our Family ! :D

Our Legend

The Arsheam guild was founded by a group of 7 Heroes and Heroines on a sunny day whom were bored of this world. All of them belonged to different guilds and they were friends. One of them said, "why don't we create something new, something different from others?". And the others said. "Great Idea !! So what shall we name it?". And they arguing and discussing about the guild name for 2 Weeks and came up with nothing. Finally, they came up with an idea. "Why don't we combine our names ?", "Sounds Great !" Said the others. And so, the 7 People with the 7 Names merged into one, Arsheam.

Why Join this Guild?

Why must we join this guild ? Well dear, this is the benefit : -You won't be lonely -You are a part of something -Discount on items and healing -You can freely edit this wiki -You can type anything you want on the council -You can enter the guild hall -Free Ice Cream every Tuesday ! -Does anyone love potatos?

The Founders

Ahh so that's Arsheam legend. But wait, is it really a Legend ? Well, the answer is NO. We are really living in the same planet as you, yes you who is reading this. Eventually we come from Indonesia, a country in the Southeast Asia ( Yes, the one which have 5 Main Islands ). The following details was only made by 1 Person, so yeah, it will be an unfair description..

Michael Stevanto, a lustful normal boy. His hero name is Galion ( He's just your average normal boy ) Shinca, a gluttony loving girl. Her Hero name is Shnc ( The girl who choose her name as her hero.. ) Andry, a boy with high pride. His hero name is Xeref ( We have a twin here !!! This one is the younger one ) Andrew, a lazy assed sloth boy. His hero name is Argenta ( The other twin !! This one is 3 minutes older lol ) Reganed, a boy with greedy intelligence. His hero name is Grimoira ( He's smart. And when i say smart that means really smart ) Evan, a fat angry boy. His hero name is Dewloren ( This one is a short-circuited boy, easy to torment, easy to fool ) Hernando, an envious handsome boy. His hero name is Valandriel ( He dances vigorously, making anyone breath-taked )

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