Arachnophobic Spider

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Monsters of Godville
Arachnophobic Spider
Description Unknown

Arachnophobic Spiders are, as the name suggests, absolutely terrified of themselves. Although this may lead some impudent people to believe that they are weak, one thing they aren't scared of is heroes. Fortunately, they can easily be defeated by being shown a mirror.


Arachnophobic Spiders usually live in caves, with their mortified 'friends'. They all live on the same web, which does nothing for their nerves. They have also rarely been found hiding in Webs of Lies.

Monster Psychology

To quote the very famous godville monster psychologist, Dr. Natai.:

Arachnophobic Spiders are the result of their community being very critical and strict, they develop their phobia very young after their psyche defines perfection... And to them perfection isn't being a spider... The fact that they're easily defeated by the sight of themselves comes from their total lack of self-esteem.
The Psyche of Monsters, Unspecifiedistan University Press
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